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What love means to our readers


For some, it means baking and sharing the goodies. For others, it’s encouragement to never stop singing even if you can’t carry a tune.

For me, an example of love is the look on my daughter’s face when I come home after work, a completely priceless moment as she squeals and runs toward me.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Brainerd Dispatch readers provided us some great examples of love but I hope love doesn’t stop there. Don’t wait for Feb. 14 to come around every year to tell others how you feel. Give someone you love a hug when they least expect it. Tell them you love them. Remember, life is too short. You’ll be glad you did.

Sending love ‘up there’

It’s been six months since you left me. But even though one heart was stilled, another beats on and loves on and always will. So happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart, from way down here, to way up there. Forever yours, Mike.

Baking is love

Baking something homemade, sharing it with others and knowing I have made someone happy! -Joan.

Love is...

That moment when you lock eyes with that special someone. Your heart starts beating faster and you can’t look away. You just know you are going to spend the rest of your life trying to make that person happy. Love you more than pickles, Billy. Always, Kelly.

My Tamie

We’ve all done this, driving in our car, the radio up, singing at the top of our lungs ... then someone drives up along side and we stop. Well, the woman I’ve been married to for 25 years gives me the courage to keep singing. Maybe a bad analogy, ‘cuz I can’t sing a lick, but that’s how she makes me feel. She’s beautiful, caring, a fantastic teacher, mother and wife. I truly am the luckiest man on earth and I want to make sure she knows that. Love, Hal.

A father’s love

For most of my life I have been alone, not feeling or experiencing love. Then you were born, Maria Sue Harris, on Oct. 22, 2004, my daughter. I may not be the man I should be. You give me love that allows me to want more. I can truly say the day you were born was my first true experience in love. Daddy loves you so much. I hope that I can one day give you a fraction of what you give me. I love you, Sugar Bear. -DeAndre L. Harris.


There is something therapeutic about sitting in the open, holding a little girl in your arms, and she feels safe enough to fall asleep in them. We sit, I stroke her hair and face, tell her she is safe and loved. You realize that whatever is going on in your life, it’s nothing like what this little person is experiencing every day. She does not know what she will eat or drink, she goes to bed each night, sleeping on the floor, with no blankets or pillow. Yet, when she lays her beautiful head down, she prays for us! -Jean Kruger.

Love is spelled


Time to:

Pause with us...when others are rushing by.

Walk with us...when others are running by.

Talk with us...when others are too busy.

Listen to us...when others are thinking of themselves.

Pray with us...when others have some excuse.

Worship with us...when others would rather be alone.

Laugh with us...when others are much too serious.

Play and exercise with us...when others are doing other things.

Praise us...when others are judging me.

Read the Bible with us...when others would rather do something else.

Learn with us...when others think they know it all.

Forgive us...when others are expecting me to be perfect.

Hug us...when others fail to sense the importance and power of touch.

Take time to love.

-Barbara Lapka.

To my love,

my best friend

When I met Sam, who knew then that things in my life and Sam’s life would change forever... We both love the outdoors and it was in the deer hunting season. Oh the snow was falling on my face like little love hearts. I saw Sam in the woods just ahead of me hunting for that “special doe” and I, myself hunting for that “special buck.” We met and hunted together that weekend. We bagged a small doe and a 160-pound buck.

That wasn’t all we got that day in November 2006. It was, as they say, love at first sight.

Deer hunting season always reminds us two love birds that romantic day in November 2006. We got married the next year.

A spell

Luminescent, the radiating glow of any creatures that know to show.

On top of mountains, and riches in fountains there shines the most beautiful spirit.

Vultures cannot hear it, and enemies cannot teach it.

Enchanting those thta don’t deny the lovely signs in the sky.

-Mikala R. Doughty.

The following are love submissions from Michele Zeidler’s third and fourth grade multiage class from Eagle View Elementary School in Pequot Lakes. They are working on essay writing and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to practice.

Love is many things

Love makes me think about happiness, friendship and feelings. Every part of those makes me think about my great-uncle Denny. It makes me think of my whole family and the whole world. It makes me want to dance, sing and play basketball because those are the things I love. Love also makes me think so much about God and how he made us all and what our world would be like without the things and objects God created just for us. My favorite part about love is when people give me love and happiness. My family gives me so much love. -MacKenzie Reigel.

Don’t buy junk

I think love means, well Love is showing how much you care about someone! Love is not about buying junk. Show your love by telling them, not wasting your dough on stuff that will end up in the garbage the next day. Like a 4-foot teddy bear or cheap chocolates you bought. Sure, a ring is nice, but you have to give them a poem, a letter, or show your appreciation by saying it to them eye-to-eye. So show your loved one how much you love them by telling them, not buying junk! -Josie Grubb.

Ned is love

What love means to me is to have someone to love. I have a very special friend. His name is Ned. He’s a horse but he’s also my horse at my mom’s friend’s barn. He’s pretty, fun to ride, and he’s very funny. Loving him means talking, taking care of him, feeding, petting him, riding him and grooming him. -Julia Drey.

All you need is love

Valentine’s Day is special to me because I love the way I get Valentine’s cards from my friends. For me, love means hugging. It also means that mom, dad and Sydney love me and care for me. Love is when my sister Sydney makes Mom’s birthday card. Sydney makes the card out of purple construction paper. She wants mom to know how much she loves her. Valentine’s Day is just like that day. I predict the Valentine’s Day message is going to be “All you need is love.” -Tyler Scott.

Love is like the golden rule

What love means to me is family and how you treat them. Meaning no matter if you treat them with respect or with anger you should always love them or you could say the golden rule, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” So if you love your family and you know for a fact that they love you, keep on loving them, then that’s great. -Hannah Oelke.

Love spelled


I think love means puke. All that kissing and hugging? No thank you. My life motto is if you are a love dove then you have been brainwashed. Love makes me think of “Who made Valentine’s Day?” Probably some lonely dude that has 14 cats that keep him company. The guy is probably named Larry Oscar Shaun Eddy Richardson. And his initials are L.O.S.E.R. -Carter Sjoblad.

Love and like

I think that love means that you like someone. Like when you love someone they might love you too. When I think about love I wonder how it would be if everyone had a loving one that they love. Also love means you can have love with someone else. -Ashley Huseby.

Nerds are in control?

Valentine’s Day means nothing to me. I think it is just something some nerds made it up so everybody would be brainwashed on Valentine’s Day. The people are the nerds in control on Valentine’s Day because they want to rule the world (U.S.). Their names might be Bob and Joe and they might be lonely and looking for someone to find them and keep them company and they might give them hot chocolate. -Phillip Atkinson.

Music and family

When I hear the word love it makes feel all ooey and gooey inside. It also makes me think of music and family. Family because I love my mom, my dad, and my brother (sometimes). Music because it is a huge part of my life, like for instance, if I’m in a car and there’s no music on I will ask them to turn it on. That’s what love means to me. -Lola Rysavy.

Love world

Love is sometimes a lock; it is sometimes a door that has been opened once before. That door helps two people’s hearts open up to each other. And before you know it those two people are in a church in their tux and wedding dress getting married. Then in a blink of an eye the bride is going to have a baby! -Olivia Gerber.

What love

means to me

Love to me is caring and loving, being there for people, not being mean or bullying, being there for one another and that’s what I think love is. Love people and don’t be mean or hurt people. Just be nice and don’t hurt them. Valentine’s Day is coming soon so cheer up and put that in your Valentine’s box! Happy Valentine’s Day! -Cory Casanova.

My favorite shape

is a heart

Love means to me Valentine’s Day. It is my favorite holiday and love means to me happiness, joy, and even more love. I like to get a letter from a secret admirer or even get candy! I love my mom, my stepdad, aunt, uncle, my cousin, my grandmas and grandpas. And most of all, my dog! On commercials all I see is romance, hearts and kissing but that is part of life. This reminds me of Thanksgiving where we get together. My favorite shape is a heart. I love Valentine’s Day! -Zaynie Zigmund.

Love means understanding each other

When I think about love I think about showing your appreciation to one another, helping each other and showing people you care. Being there for one another, sharing smiles and laughter, understanding each other. -Jim Johanneck.

All about love

When I see my family on Valentine’s Day I am as nice as possible because I love them and I want them to feel good. I think Valentine’s Day is all about love. I never knew how much I had until now. Right now! Valentine’s Day is a special day. It makes me think what are my friends doing? I want to call them but I know I shouldn’t. It makes me wonder if my family likes it as much as me? I wonder what my teacher is doing on Valentine’s Day? What should I do? Have a happy Valentine’s Day! -Allison Francis.

Just be there

Love means being there for people and family. -Jared Anderson.

Love is a

homemade card

Love means someone loves you. It doesn’t mean you have to get presents, chocolates and teddy bears. It just means someone loves you. This Valentine’s Day just give someone a special card made by you. You don’t need all those goodies. All you need is love, markers and colorful paper! -Ashley Joachim.


I love my family because they’re part of me — like my brothers, my cousins, and everyone in my family. I love my family and my family loves me. -Cash Wilson.

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