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A wedding as white as Gull's ice

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Looking out on to snow-covered Gull Lake, some might say the ice is as white as a bride’s dress. And come Saturday afternoon, that’s exactly what Jennifer Truex will be going for.

Truex and her fiance, Dan Petrie, decided to have the ultimate winter wedding, on the ice of Gull Lake Saturday, just north of Ernie’s landing.

“We’ve always been outdoorsy people,” said the bride-to-be. “We hunt and fish all of the time, so really, the shoe just fit.”

Truex said even their engagement was a bit out of the conventional box, with Petrie bending down on mudded-knee while the two were four-wheeling in the middle of the woods back in October. Truex “didn’t even hesitate to say yes, even when we were both waist-deep in mud.”

And when Petrie brought the idea up to get married on the ice, she didn’t think twice to say yes to that either.

“He brought up the idea and I didn’t even flinch before I said OK,” said Truex, who will be moving with her fiance to the Brainerd area following the wedding. “And then of course I came up with all of these ideas to really make it a theme, with minnows and fishing poles on the tables for decor and big snow boots to go with the dress.”

The happy couple will both don snow boots along with their total of four children, ages 3-8, who will make up the wedding party, all wearing fur hats and coats to battle the frigid February temperatures.

Truex said she reminded people to dress warmly — even while looking at blue skies with highs in the mid-30s come Saturday — with the wedding and reception all taking place out on the ice.

“It’s kind of funny, while most of his (Petrie’s) family is from Park Rapids and I have plenty from the Minnesota area, I still have quite a few people coming in from out of state, like Arizona and Texas,” she said. “So I had to remind them that Minnesota tends to be a little bit colder than what they might be used to, especially if we are outside all night long.”

Heaters will help accommodate the roughly 100 guests, with a heated tent encompassing the area that can get as warm as 75 degrees. Petrie said the dancing might help too.

“We’re going to have a DJ out there and the whole thing,” he said. “It should be a fun time. Plus we have ice houses for all those looking to warm up, too.”

And the houses will get plenty of use Truex added, with fishing going on before, during and after the ceremony. But even with the outdoors theme, Truex made sure to take a break from fishing following the wedding.

“We’re going to Vegas for the week on Sunday,” she said. “He wanted to go to Lake of the Woods. I put an end to that for a normal honeymoon anyway.”

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