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Cass districts altered after 2010 census

WALKER — Cass County Board approved a county commissioner redistricting plan Tuesday to bring the districts into compliance after the 2010 census with the rule that population in each district must be within 10 percent of all other districts.

District 1 in southern Cass will include the cities of East Gull Lake, Lake Shore and Pillager and towns of Fairview and Sylvan.

District 2 in south-central Cass will include the cities of Pine River and a portion of Motley and towns of Becker, Byron, Homebrook, Loon Lake, Maple, May, Meadowbrook Moose Lake, Pine River, Walden and Wilson. May Township and Motley previously were in District 1.

District 3 in central Cass will include the cities of Backus, Chickamaw Beach and Hackensack and towns of Ansel, Barclay, Beulah, Birch Lake, Blind Lake, Bull Moose, Bungo, Crooked Lake, Deerfield, Hiram, McKinley, Ponto Lake, Poplar, Powers, Thunder Lake, Trelipe and Woodrow. Chickamaw Beach and Barclay, Bungo and Poplar Townships previously were in District 2.

District 4 in north-central Cass will include the cities of Longville, Remer and Walker and towns of Inguadona, Kego, Lima, Pine Lake, Remer, Shingobee, Smoky Hollow, Turtle Lake and Wabedo and Rogers Point precinct. Lima and Smokey Hollow Townships previously were in District 5.

District 5 in northern Cass will include the cities of Bena, Boy River, Cass Lake, Federal Dam; towns of Boy Lake, Boy River, Gould, Leech Lake, Ottertail Peninsula, Pike Bay, Rogers, Salem, Slater, Torrey, Wahnena and Wilkinson; and precincts of Hardwood South, Sucker Lakes, Willow River and Winnie Portage Lakes.

The change in population was less than 5 percent in District 5 despite the shift of two townships into that district, so there will not be a new election in that district this fall. All other districts will see new elections this November.

District 1 will be for a two-year term in November 2012 elections. Commissioner Neal Gaalswyk currently holds that seat. Elections in Districts 2, 3 and 5 will be for four year terms. Bob Kangas is the current District 2 commissioner. Jeff Peterson is the current District 3 commissioner. Dick Downham is the current District 5 commissioner.

The board also discussed changes to state legislative districts, which will put the county into two Senate districts and three House districts. Voters in Ansel, Bungo, Walden and Wilson Townships and those south of those townships will be in Senate District 9 and House District 9A.

Those living north of those townships will be in Senate District 5, which is irregularly divided to the north between House Districts 5A and 5B.

All of Cass County will remain in federal District 8 for congressional elections.