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Union rejects CTC contract offer

Members of Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7212 this week rejected Consolidated Telecommunications Company’s (CTC) latest contract offer, union officials said Thursday. The union members have been working without a contract since Dec. 31 as the employer and bargaining unit have been negotiating a settlement.

Andy Isackson, marketing and communications manager for CTC, said the management team members who were most familiar with the negotiations were not available Thursday and the company was preparing a response for later this week.

A statement by the union said an overwhelming number of members voted against the CTC offer. Union negotiators said the unresolved issues involve “significant wage reductions for some employees, increases in health care premium sharing and freedom for the employer to contract out any work performed by current CTC employees.”

“We want go to back to the table and resolve these outstanding issues,” Shane Hardee, president of Local 7212, said. “The workers need stability in their jobs. Their hard work improves the lives of people in our communities.”

CTC is a rural telephone provider in the Brainerd lakes area providing local phone services, high speed Internet and digital TV, and Information Technology (IT) support the union statement said.

CTC’s website described the company as a locally owned telecommunications cooperative with offices in Brainerd, Baxter and Crosby.

Isackson said 31 CTC employees are CWA members. The union said the CWA workers hold job titles in the network, IT, clerical and other support departments.

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