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Emily City Council: Mosman's personal letter response

Tuesday’s Emily City Council meeting raised more than a few eyebrows when a claim brought forth by resident Donna Sutton suggested that council member Jan Mosman actually made her permanent home in Eden Prairie, not Emily.

At the meeting, Sutton’s attorney, Mark Severson, presented information that suggested Mosman was a resident of Eden Prairie, not Emily. Sutton claimed Mosman should voluntarily resign from the council. Severson asked that Mosman be given time to respond and time before council takes action.

Mosman commented briefly following Tuesday’s meeting, saying she was “covered and legit” with her records. In an email Wednesday she provided further explanation of her position.

“Regarding the petition: I don’t need to pay an attorney to address the claims made by a few well-meaning residents, so will go to the newspapers directly. One homestead property is enough for a (very) happily married couple filing jointly. The fact that we haven’t sold our Eden Prairie 1880 farmhouse and two acres in a terrible market should surprise no one. And the fact that I moved to Emily, Minn., and spend more time there than anywhere else in the world doesn’t tell intrigued residents of the many other places I travel, why, and when, or what else is going on in my life,” Mosman wrote. “I have some important reasons for heading to the cities often, but those are personal. I am not the EPHS (Eden Prairie Historical Society) VP anymore, though I was asked last year to stay on the board until the end of my term.”

The issue will be further evaluated during the April 10 Emily City Council meeting, where council members, including Mosman, plan to address the public and give their response to Sutton’s request.

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