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Vox Pop-March 20

How much is gas today?

On that day in February of 2009 that Obama took the oath of office of president of the United States, gas in Brainerd was $1.82. Check the price of gas today.

Siege of Crosslake

Does anyone know the amount of officers from surrounding communities — state and county — were involved in the “Siege Of Crosslake,” after the St. Patrick’s Day parade? The city was surrounded on all sides, each road in or out. There were squad cars behind nearly every tree. This is unfair to the businesses and public. As the saying goes, “Come to the lakes on vacation, leave on probation.”

Right to freeload?

Keith Hansen recently spoke of his Teamster father while stumping for so-called “Right To Work” legislation bankrolled by rich out-of-state influences. Per the talking points, he claims it is a matter of choice, rather than the pot-stirring, union-ending proposal it really is. I wonder what his father would think of a co-worker who earned the same pay and benefits he did — without having to pay a penny in dues that were used to bargain for and earn them? In Keith’s father’s day, such people were known as freeloaders, so call it what it is — the “Right to Freeload.”

Spring has sprung

I think spring has sprung. The robins, whooping cranes, bluebirds and some small song birds are back. It’s so nice to go outside and listen to them.

Right to choose another paper

Regarding Keith Hansen’s editorial on opinions, discourse and our right to choose, here’s another way to deal with it. I get tired of reading right-wing editorials every day in the Brainerd Dispatch and exercise my right to choose to subscribe to another newspaper.

Well written article

I just read something called “Opinions, discourse and our right to choose,” where the writer talks about how it’s much more productive for people to have a difference of opinion to talk about it then to attack each other with personal attacks. It was a really well written article and I wish there was more people that thought like this in the world.

Four tours

Somewhere a leader should also be charged for assigning our brave men and women to four tours of duty in active war zone. Everyone that has ever served in one of those zones knows how much it gets to you mentally and physically. After four tours and a couple of injuries, that’s a walking time bomb and how many of them do we have throughout our country. Four tours of duty is at least two too many. And somehow, some way, if there’s going to be another war, there’s got to be another way to figure out fewer active duty tours.

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