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Cass engineer presents 2012 road maintenance plan

BACKUS — County Engineer David Enblom and Assistant Engineer Kris Lyytinen presented the proposed road maintenance plan for 2012 to the county board Tuesday.

Scheduled for crack sealing will be County State Aid Highways (CSAH) 31, 42, 1, 40 and 14. Lyytinen said the county usually finds the most effective time to do crack sealing is the third or fourth year after new pavement has been laid.

The county will paint lane striping on 216.1 miles of paved roads this year.

CSAH 41 and County Roads (CR) 112,124, 143, 144, 145, 146 and 176 are scheduled for new gravel to be laid on the surface this season in addition to some Unorganized Township roads.

Calcium chloride will spread on 161.9 miles of the county’s gravel roads.

Special improvement projects are planned to improve drainage and remove berms on CR 143 and Two Points in the Cass Lake area, CSAH 52 and Fire Road 2112 in the Remer area, CR 128 and 157 in the Longville area, CSAH 49 in the Hackensack area, CR111 in the Pine River area and CR 156 in the Pillager area.

The county will install street lights to illuminate the corners of 14 county road intersections as a part of a highway safety improvement program.

The county board Tuesday approved a draft agreement between the county and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as a part of an effort to improve communications between the county and that agency.

Cass has submitted the agreement to MPCA and is waiting for a response.

Cass’ goal has been to prevent pollution and improve its response to concerns rather than to incur offenses and pay fines.

During recent improvements made to CASH 1, MPCA communicated requests for construction procedures only by email, leading to enforcement fines taking effect before the county had time to respond.

Under the proposed agreement, county staff would meet with MPCA inspectors on site during construction projects to discuss changes the MPCA would like made, thus speeding the county action to take corrective action.

The board voted to designate the former CSAH 37 as a new CR 87. That road was down-graded from state aid to county road in order to free one mile of state aid designation the county could shift to the former Ah-Gwah-Ching cut-across road. This enabled the county to obtain a one-time additional state aid reimbursement for taking over the formerly state owned Ah-Gwah-Ching road.