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Jaycees skate park closed

Vandalism at Jaycee's Park on Brainerd southeast side. The buildings and skate p

Fans and users of Jaycee Skate Park will have to find another place to skate board come Tuesday (March 27), with the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Board coming to a unanimous decision to close the skate park until further notice.

A park that has raised concerns following excessive vandalism and damage, the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Board met Monday afternoon to continue discussion on the skate park’s fate.

“The only reason the park was put at Jaycees in the first place was because there was a cement pad already put in place and that allowed us to get the grant money from KaBoom!” said Brainerd Parks and Recreation Director Tony Sailer. “We knew that Jaycees was not the ideal place for this skate park but at the time it was the only place we had.”

Outside of the vandalism and costs that Jaycee Skate Park is accruing against the city, Sailer said that it has also become a liability issue according to the League of Minnesota Cities.

“Right now the cement pad is severely cracked and a lot of our equipment, things like ramps, are also damaged,” Sailer said. “So I spoke with Joe Ingebrand, senior loss control consultant for the League of Minnesota Cities, today and he noted that with the risk of injury due to the cracks and equipment damage, liability could very well be an issue.”

Board member Barb Egan said that with the liability issues there is no doubt in her mind the park should be closed while the board, along with input from the community, tries to figure out what to do with the skate park.

The board moved to close the park beginning Tuesday and planned to keep the skate park on each agenda while other options for the park are examined.

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