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Always an eggscellent Easter

“But who will I dye eggs with?”

Those were the first words out of my very saddened mother’s mouth when I informed her that I will be missing out on this Easter’s festivities due to work. A tradition for many, my family always seemed to take the egg-dying part of the Easter holiday to the next level, thanks in large part to my mom’s passion and hunt for the perfectly decorated egg.

Each year it was something new.

One year she spent roughly two hours poking raw eggs with a pin through the shell and blowing out their contents to create a hollow egg decoration — which was quickly shattered in round three of the egg re-hunt with my brother and I and left a none-too-happy mom. Another year, she brought out the white crayons for us all to draw and decorate with our names and pictures as we saw fit. And yet another year stickers and wraps were purchased for us to add on to our brightly hued eggs.

I of course loved the egg decoration as much as she did — it seemed to be the one time we were both able to bust out our rarely seen creativity and craftiness.

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