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A legacy that spans 10 years

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Sarah Aamot grew up around music. Trying her hand at a variety of instruments beginning in second grade and born into a family of musical talents in Willmar, she knew that music needed to be a part of her life.

What she didn’t know was how far that love of music would take her and how much her “musical family” would grow.

The artistic director — and creator — of the Legacy Chorale, a community choir that draws talents from as far away as Hackensack and as close as Brainerd, Aamot said the choir is set to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary in grand fashion, performing Mozart’s Requiem during its spring season, set to kickoff April 26 at Lord of Life in Baxter.

“If you had asked me 10 years ago would we (Legacy Chorale) still be here, I would say hopefully,” said Aamot, who brought her ambition for starting a community choir up from the Twin Cities. “If you had asked me would we be playing Mozart’s Requiem, no.”

Growing from 39 chorale members in its first season to the average 65 to 70 members that participate in either the fall or spring sessions, Aamot said that 15 different communities are represented in Legacy Chorale. A feat that chorale manager Bill Satre said makes Legacy Chorale its own unique entity.

“This choir offers so much that people who love to sing don’t always have available to them after they’re done in high school or college,” said Satre, who hails from Brainerd originally and met Aamot while singing at Bemidji State University. “Outside of joining a church choir, there really is little opportunity to continue singing music, especially music that differs from a church choir’s music selections.

“On top of that, we have so many different personalities that come together in this choir because they just love to sing.”

Aamot added that Legacy Chorale boasts retired pastors, music teachers, military and family members, separating itself from others that tend to draw only retired music teachers.

“We’re not just strictly people who have taught music,” Aamot said of the choir that includes teens and adults up in to their 70s. “And we have people with lots of chorale experience and some with minimal chorale experience.

“The one thing we all share is that we love to sing.”

And Aamot said Legacy Chorale, “her family” will be around for another 10 years and beyond.

“We’ve become like one giant family,” Aamot said. “Will I be doing this in 10 years? Absolutely. I will do this until I can’t anymore.”

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