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MyHealth moves medical information into the technology era

Have you ever had a question for your doctor that didn’t require an appointment? Or need to access your child’s immunization records quickly? Now Essentia Health patients are able to do all that with the click of a mouse.

Emulating online banking, a new secure online program called MyHealth offers Essentia Health patients access to portions of their medical records and the ability to electronically keep tabs on their medical information.

“It’s part of the health system’s transition into electronic services,” said Miranda Anderson, marketing and community relations at Essentia Health. “Depending on the consumer, we offer all sorts of things. As a mom, I can access immunization for my kids anytime, for seniors who go down south to get health care during the winter months, they always have their health care information with them.

“It also lets patients be interactive. You can message your physician if you have a question and we have nurses on hand to either answer it or forward it on to your doctor and that becomes part of your medical record, too.”

Anderson said another feature includes the opportunity for patients to request and change appointments.

And for people on the go, a free smart phone mobile app allows patients to access the same information as the online site.

“I think the main thing is that it’s (MyHealth) putting more of the information back in the patient’s hands,” said Anderson, who added that since the live launch in February, patient feedback has remained positive. “In addition to that, because the patients are more informed, they’re going to be healthy.

“It takes away that mystery of ‘what does my chart say’ and on the doctor’s end of things, they love being able to bring back that relationship with patients and help them with our message system.”

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