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Cass software to provide GPS coordinates

WALKER — Whether you are a hunter looking for that perfect site on county land to hang your tree stand or a logger looking for a tract to cut, maps and GPS coordinates will soon be available on your cell phone.

Bidders on timber sales from county administered land will be able to get real time results on their computer or cell phones.

Joshua Stevenson, land commissioner reported to the county board Tuesday, he is in the process of implementing new timber management software to replace a program the department has been using the last 12 years.

He told the board two good timber sales will pay for the $95,000 new system he expects to last the next 12 years.

Currently, the county’s extensive website mapping system can only be accessed on a computer. This new timber management system will make the maps available on smart phones.

Now, loggers fill most of the land department employee time on auction days calling to get results. Once the new system is in place, employees will be able to do their regular work instead, and loggers will get immediate results via the Web on a computer or cell phone, Stevenson said.

Sales reports will refresh as each tract sells.

Additionally, county foresters will have full access to permit data while they work in the field.

Stevenson predicted significant cost savings and increased employee productivity with the system.

The system is being installed in three phases and will be complete by the end of this year.

Cass land department sold hay stumpage to five bidders. They include Steve Bartel, $55 to cut three acres in May Township; Keith Cory, $250, 26 acres, Poplar Township; Rodney Aker, $30, three acres, McKinley Township; Terry Mejdrich, $25, eight acres, Smoky Hollow Township; Allan Wake, $100 on 21 acres in Boy River Township and $26 on six acres in Gould Township.

Future Forest was low bidder at $13,053.75 for site preparation and A & K Contracting, low bidder at $706.50 for herbicide spraying on county timber plantations. The county also will contract with Conservation Corps Minnesota under a Conservation Partners Legacy Grant to have competing vegetation cut from red and white pine plantations north of County State Aid Highway 5 in Kego Township.

The county will apply for a state land use permit to construct a portion of all-terrain vehicle trail on Highway 200 right-of-way by Whipholt. This will become part of a trail system Woodtick Wheelers AVT club is seeking to have qualified for state grant-in-aid trail funding.