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Eighth-grader takes pocket knife to school

An eighth-grader at Pequot Lakes Middle School was involved in an incident with a pocket knife in school on Monday.

Pequot Lakes Superintendent Rick Linnell said a male student took out a pocket knife before school Monday morning to show students in the middle school gymnasium. Linnell said the student had the blade out, but didn’t point it at anyone.

“We believe that he did not verbally threaten anyone with the knife,” said Linnell. “One of the kids told him that he shouldn’t have a knife in school so he told the paraprofessional that he had the knife. He didn’t harm anyone.

“This is not the first time a kid has brought a pocket knife to school. We are working with the parents and they were disheartened ... Kids do dumb things sometimes. We take it seriously when a student brings a weapon to school. We’re not happy when it happens, but it is a serious offense. These things can lead to expulsion.”

Linnell could not comment on what the punishment was for the student, but said the district followed its discipline policy.

According to the policy regarding weapons, corrective action shall include initial suspension for five days, confiscation of weapon, notification of police, parent notification and possible recommendation to the school board for expulsion proceedings for up to one year.

The policy states that no student shall possess a weapon when in the school building, on school grounds, or on any school sponsored trip or activity. Examples of weapons include firearms, whether loaded or unloaded; knives; clubs; metal knuckles used in a threatening manner; nunchuks; throwing stars; explosives; shotguns, ammunition; chains; pellet guns; look-alike guns; and other non-functioning guns that could be used to threaten others.

Pequot Lakes Police Chief Eric Klang said police are investigating the incident.

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