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Lars Ohlin speech-BHS class of 2012

By Lars Ohlin

The song goes “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be all right.” The person who wrote this believed in a single person’s ability to make a difference. We can change the world in many ways, no matter how many people analyze it, and put it into their own emotions or thoughts. Many of us maybe believed that one day I will change the world, how everyone thinks, or something along these lines. Maybe we will! Even though this may not be the world you thought you were going to inherit, the ability to change is what we are given. Change is good! You have changed mine; you changed your friends, classmates, faculty and family. Professional athletes and actors and supermodels is what we all dreamed of being, maybe besides shooter, figure skater, but at some point we all figure out some things change. For the better, and we find out college is creeping closer, a family is a near step away, and these bleachers, we will eventually be sitting in.

Education has been one of the greatest things to ever happen to us, and our parents! What would they do without all the decorations at Christmas we made for them? Every one of my teachers has left an impact on me, and I have left them with a few headaches I’m sure! But hopefully we showed them the young adults they helped shape us into being. I know we all wished that our parents could have been there to help find our way through the halls and help us with problems, but we had another great mom watching out for us, and I know the students will agree with me when I say, Mama Rusk, we could never choose another principal over you! Even after a couple days of detention. Just joking, Mrs. Rusk.

I applaud you students, through months of work, we made the best role models anyone could ask for in the class of 2012. Now as I look into the eyes of our proud parents I know they have been preparing, working hard and waiting for this day as much as we have. So as you leave tonight and you take those last big steps toward a diploma and a new future, stand tall and take these last photographs at Brainerd High with an extra big smile for your parents because they deserve the most support and gratitude, more than anyone else here. We were looked upon and pressured, but we succeeded and made it to the day we have been dreaming of for 12 years. Go on to college and work and show where we were from, and remember who helped us get there. This life is ours. So take it by the hand and make it the one we want it to be.

Three little birds sat on my doorstep this morning, singing sweet songs, a melody pure and true, telling me this is my message to you. This will be the day you remember and look back upon as the years of freedom and know, but also rejoice we will never see these glory days again when were living young and on the edge of opportunity. This is the day that we have waited for, yet it may be sad to watch you go. It brings excitement and promise to a well-earned future. I wish you the best of luck class of 2012. I will cherish every moment you have given me and the happiness that has come with it. Thank you and become who you were born to be, wherever that path takes us. Senior Brainerd Danceline rules!

LARS OHLIN is a member of the Brainerd High School class of 2012.

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