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Nisswa City Council-June 17

Cass County Board of Commissioners

Meets 6 p.m. Tuesday

Cass Lake City Hall

330 Second St. NW

Call to Order.

a. Pledge of Allegiance.

b. Approval of Agenda. (Any requests to be heard not on the proposed agenda are considered for inclusion at this time).

Robert Yochum – Administrator.

a. Consent Agenda.

b. Report back on Personnel Committee of June 11.

c. Report back on Ad-Hoc Committee – Solid Waste & Recycling contracts.

John Ringle – ESD Director, Paul Fairbanks – Solid Waste Officer/County Planner.

a. Stony Point of Cass Lake SSTS project update.

b. Receive & file MNDNR Aquatic Management Area (AMA) on Ottertail Point of Leech Lake

(PID# 28-214-3109).

c. Approve submission for MPCA Subsurface Treatment Systems Program Grant.

Josh Stevenson – Land Commissioner.

a. Update Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC).

b. Letter of support for LCCMR proposal.

Reno Wells – HHVS Director, Michele Piprude – Social Services Manager, Dan Wenner – Executive Director – Rural MN CEP.

a. Rural MN CEP program’s activity with Cass County.

b. Discuss out of home placement service trends.

Judge Korey Wahwassuck, Jim Schneider – Probation Director.

a. Receive & file MOU – Cass County/Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Wellness Court.

Dave Enblom – Highway Engineer.

a. Approve MOU with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe on 2012 proposed road improvement

projects planned for County Road 126, and County Road 136.

b. Approve joint Leech Lake Tribal trail project – CSAH 75 (Bingo Palace Drive).

c. Approve MNDOT grant agreement -Local Bridge bonding – replace culverts on CSAH No. 17

(May Creek).

d. Approve resolution on 2016 federal funds for reconstruction project on CSAH 1.

e. Approve resolution on MNDOT Agreement to construct CSAH No. 8 in 2012.

Confirm upcoming meeting schedule.


Consent agenda

1. Approve Regular Board Minutes of June 5 and Board of Equalization Minutes of June 11, 2012.

2. Approve Auditor Manual Warrants dated May, 2012 in the amount of $5,535,453.98.

3. Approve Auditor Warrants dated May 31 in the amount of $195,985.42.

4. Approve Auditor Warrants dated May 31 in the amount of $2,229.00.

5. Approve Auditor Warrants dated June 7 in the amount of $370,896.97.

6. Receive & file monthly Budget Reports.

7. Approve HHVS Commissioners Warrants dated June 8 in the amount of $77,073.72.

8. Approve HHVS Auditor Warrants dated June 8 in the amount of $105,559.53.

9. Approve Personnel Items.

10. Approve licenses – Tobacco, 3.2 Beer, Liquor, Gambling, etc.

11. Receive and file - Auditor -Treasurer’s Interest Income Report for May 2012.

12. Receive and file Pine River Area Sanitary District Audit FY’s ending Dec. 31, 2011 and 2010.


13. Approve amendment of a 3 percent increase per meal rate for the Jail Food Service & Commissary Management Agreement with A’viands, LLC, July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

14. Approve pay requests for Cass County ARMER Project to Frontline Plus, Inc. – ARMER Project $405; DSC Communications - ARMER System $3,952.95.

15. Accept proposal from Al Nystrom for $125/system for SSTS Inspections on Boy/Swift Lakes.

16. Approve remaining 50% payment of financial contribution for FY2012 - Cass County Ag. Assn. – Pine River Fair, in the amount $2,500.00.

17. Authorize 25% Fund allocation use of $1,320 for environmental education at Deep Portage for Northland/Remer School (33 participants) on May 24 – 25, 2012.

18. Receive & file Office of State Auditor engagement letter to provide audit services to Cass County through Dec. 31, 2014.

19. Approve Resolution No.37-12 Master Subscriber Agreement for MN Court Data Services and authorize Chairman to sign.

20. Receive and file Cass County EDC May 2012 Activity Report.

Items on the Consent Agenda are reviewed in total by the County Board and may be approved through one motion. Any items of the Consent Agenda may be removed by any Commissioner for separate consideration.

Pine River-Backus I.S.D. No. 2174

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

Pine River-Backus Elementary Music Room

1. Call to order – Chair

2. Welcome to visitors

2.1. Public comments and time for interaction with the board on agenda items

2.2. Spotlight on Education – Report from Department of Education Collaborating to transform the Teaching Profession Conference

3. Approve Agenda

4. Approve Minutes — May 16 regular board meeting and June 11 special meeting

5. Informational Items:

5.1. Administrative Team Reports

5.2. Directors Reports

5.3. Committee Reports

5.4. Enrollment Report

6. Consent Calendar

6.1. Approve Bills Presented

6.2. Approve Investment Report

6.3. Approve Treasurer’s Report

6.4. Approve Electronic Funds Transfers and other banking transactions

6.5. Accept Monetary A wards and Donations

6.6. Set Activity Participation Fees for 2012-13 as recommended

6.7. Set Athletic Admission Fees for 2012-13 as recommended

6.8. Set Meal Prices for 2012-13 as recommended

6.9. Set 2012-13 Substitute and Other Rates of Pay as recommended

6.10. Set Building Usage Fees for 2012-13

6.11. Approve the hiring of Rachel Jacob as Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Effective with the 2012-13 School Year

6.12. Approve the hiring of Tiffany Bergem as Special Education Teacher Effective with the 2012-13 School Year

6.13. Approve the hiring of Deborah Winn as Long-Term Substitute Teacher for the Period Aug. 28 to Nov. 2.

6.14. Approve the hiring of Brandon Sechser as Custodian Effective June 8.

6.15. Approve the hiring of Paula Schroeder as Youth and Family Services Worker Effective with the 2012-13 School Year

6.16. Award Contract for Milk and Related Products to Kemps Based on Escalation Prices for the period of Aug. 1, 2012, to July 31, 2013

6.17. Award Contract for Bread and Related Products to Pan-O-Gold Based on Firm Prices for the period of August 1, 2012, to July 31, 2013

6.18. Award Contract for Diesel to Northern Star Cooperative Based on Fluctuating Quote for the period of August 1, 2012, to July 31, 2013

6.19. Approve the hiring of Gregg Ehlert as Boys Cross Country Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.20. Approve the hiring of John Riewer as Girls Cross Country Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.21. Approve the hiring of Tom Demars as Varsity Football Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.22. Approve the hiring of Mark Gonnion as Assistant Football Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.23. Approve the hiring of Rob Johnson as Assistant Football Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.24. Approve the hiring of Mike Dinnel as Junior High Football Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.25. Approve the hiring of Travis Hoffarth as Junior High Football Coach for the 2012 Fall Season

6.26. Approve the hiring of Terry Holden as Football Scout for the 2012 Fall Season

7. Discussion Items:

7.1. Second Reading of Policies 202, 301, 302, 510.1, 613, 618, 624, 701, 707, 709, 712, 806 and 807

7.2. Election Timeline

7.3. Elementary and High School Handbooks

7.4. iPride Engage

7.5. Balanced Scorecard

8. Action Items:

8.1. Final Reading and Approval of Policies 208, 402, 406, 409, 414, 419, 515, 524, 526, 530, 532 and 533.

8.2. Adopt resolution relating to the election of school board members and calling the school district general election

8.3. Adopt resolution establishing dates for filing affidavits of candidacy

8.4. Adopt resolution authorizing conducting of election activities by other than clerk

8.5. Approve the 2012-13 Preliminary Budget

8.6. Approve the 2012-13 Contract with the City of Pine River for Police Liaison Services

8.7. Authorize Community Asset Developer Position

8.8. Approve Health and Safety 2012-14 Budget

9. Open Forum

10. Motion per Minnesota State Law 13D.03 to close meeting in order to consider strategy for Labor Negotiations with Pine River-Backus Principal’s Association. Reopen Meeting

11. Next regular board meeting – July 16, High School Media Center

12. Adjourn.

Pequot Lakes

School Board

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

Gathering Room

1. Call to order.

2. Roll call.

3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Approval of agenda.

5. Approval of past meeting minutes.

6. Authorization of accounts paid.

7. Presentation-Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

8. Reports.

a. Building Project Status – ICS Consulting

b. Principals

c. Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Instructional Technology

d. Community Education Director

e. Committees

9. Consent agenda.

a. Accept Donations

b. Recognize Staff Lane Change

c. Approve 2012-2013 Handbooks

d. Approve Milk Bid for the 2012-13 School Year

e. Approve Bread Bid for the 2012-13 School Year

f. Approve Sanitation Services Proposal for the 2012-13 School Year

g. Set 2012-2013 Meal Prices

h. Adopt Policies 513 Student Promotion, Retention and Program Design, and 513.5 Promotion and Retention of Students

i. Adopt Policy 807 Health and Safety Policy

j. Approve Construction Bond Disbursements

10. Personnel

a. Staff leave request

b. Staff Contracts

c. Winter 2012 Coaching Assignment

11. New business

a. Presentation and Recommendation – Technology Infrastructure - CTCIT

b. Approve 2012-13 Budget

c. FY 2012 - FY 2014 Health and Safety Budget

d. Resolution Relating to Renewing the Expiring Referendum Revenue Authorization of the School District and Calling an Election Thereon

e. First Reading – Policy 620 Credit for Learning

f. Second Readings of Policies

12. Announcements and meeting dates

13. Adjournment.

Morrison County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday

County board room

Government Center, Little Falls

1. Call to order by chairman.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Approval of county board minutes.

4. Additions/deletions to the agenda.

5. Sheriff’s report.

6. Social service report.

7. Public health report.

8. Extension report.

9. Auditor’s report.

10. Community development report.

11. Public hearing-Triumph Boats.

12. County board warrants.

13. Public works report.

14. Railroad grade crossing closure.

15. Administrator’s report.

16. Committee reports/upcoming schdedule.

17. Adjournment.

Crow Wing County meetings

10 a.m. Monday, Personnel Committee at Historic Courthouse, County Administrator’s Conference Room.

5 p.m. Tuesday, Historical Society Committee at County Museum.

8 a.m. Wednesday, Child Abuse Prevention Council at Sawmill Inn, Brainerd.

9 a.m. Wednesday, Central Minnesota Community Corrections Executive Committee at Land Services Building, CMCC Administration Office.

4 p.m. Wednesday, Airport Commission’s Search Committee for New Manager - Test Interview Process at Brainerd Fire Hall.

Thursday-Friday, AMC Futures Task Force at AMC Office, St. Paul.

9 a.m. Thursday, Airport Commission’s Search Committee for New Manager - Conduct Interviews via Skype or Telephone at Brainerd Fire Hall.

5 p.m. Thursday, Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment at Historic Courthouse, County Board Room.

6:30 p.m. Thursday, Kitchigami Regional Library Board at Pine River.

9 a.m. Friday, Mississippi Headwaters Board at Cass County Courthouse, Walker.

Pillager Board of Education

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

Room No. 347

I. Call to order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Cell Phone/Electronic Devices

IV. Consider Additions/Deletions/Acceptance of the Agenda

V. Visitor’s Comments

VI. Consider Consent Agenda

A. Minutes of May 21 meeting

B. Monthly Cash Flow Including Investments

C. Consider Donations: Sara Nagel - $8; Resource Training & Solutions - $1,377.25 and $346.63; The Work Connection - $150; Pine River State Bank - $150; MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union - $150; Pillager Area Family Center - $150; Five Star Seamless, LLC - $150; James Haakonson - $150; Lincoln Area Business Assoc. - $200.

VII. Special Board Reports with Possible Action

A. Budget

1. Monthly Bills Paid

2. Recommended FY13 & FY14 Health & Safety Budget

3. Other

B. Personnel

1. Committee Report

2. Teacher Resignation

3. Physical Education Substitute

4. Language Arts Position

5. Special Ed. Position

6. Other

C. Curriculum

1. Other

D. Policy

1. Consider 2012-2013 Elementary Student Handbook

2. Consider Health & Safety Policy No. 807

3. Calendar Revision

4. Other

E. Facilities

1. Other

F. Activities

1. Other

G. School Board Elections

1. Consider Resolution Calling the School District General Election

VIII. Special Reports

A. Elementary Principal

B. Secondary Principal

C. Superintendent’s Report

IX. Adjournment

Pillager Board

of Education

Personnel Committee meeting

Meets 8 a.m. Monday

Superintendent’s office, room No. 346

I. Call to order.

II. Teacher Resignation

III. Long Term HS Physical Ed Substitute Recommendation

IV. HS Language Arts Teacher Recommendation

V. HS Special Ed. Teacher Recommendation

VI. Employee Pay Recommendation

VII. Community Ed. Director Position

VIII. Other

IX. Adjournment

Nisswa City Council

Meets 7 p.m. Wednesday

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Approve minutes of May 16, 23, and June 13

Open forum


Police Chief

Fire Chief

Liquor Department

City Planner

Park & Rec

Public Works

City Attorney

City Engineer

Nisswa Chamber of Commerce

New business

A. Billing Brainerd Jaycees Discussion

B. Amend Land Use Ordinance Section 8.9 Temporary Commercial Structures/Uses & Definitions

C. Minnesota Power Easement

D. Award Wastewater Improvement Bids

E. Phase I Nisswa Lake Park Planning & Design

F. American Tower Lease Discussion

G. Spirits Lease

H. Appoint Election Judges

Old business

A. Minnesota Greenstep Cities Program

Council reports

A. Mayor

B. Council members


Presentation of claims


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