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Essentia Health takes another leap into digital age with smartphone app

It seems like nowadays, the smartphone makes anything possible. Going above and beyond just making a phone call, users can play games, music, book their next vacation and scan their airline ticket all with the ease of a finger touch.

And with nearly 2 million smartphone apps available to consumers, Essentia Health is adding to the app craze, allowing patients access to their health records at the tips of their fingers.

“Any user with a MyHealth ID and account can download the free app,” said Jenny Krueth, analyst in Essentia Health’s Information Managament department. “With the app, you have the opportunity to go and look for your healthcare institution, see lab results and do many of the same things that you can do online with MyHealth but now it’s on the go with this smartphone app.”

In exsitence for the past couple years but just recently made available to users in the Brainerd lakes area, the Essentia Health app — named Epic MyChart — allows patients to access both their own and their children’s health records along with the ability to review medications, track blood pressure and weight over time, request or cancel appointments and even review test results instantly.

“When you go to the doctor and have some lab tests done, as soon as those tests are done in the lab and released and verified, you have that information on your phone,” said Krueth. “A lot of times you can see the results within a half an hour, instead of waiting around for a phone call.”

Krueth said the app also includes the same security as accessing online banking information and protects medical information in its fullest.

She also added that despite Essentia Health’s move forward in technology with MyHealth, old-fashioned communication hasn’t gone away.

“We still send out paper mail and are available over the phone for patients who are more comfortable communicating that way,” Krueth said. “But for those on-the-go and who are looking for that instantanious way to access much of the information in their medical records, we have the (Epic MyChart) app.

“A little something for everybody.”

JESSI PIERCE, staff writer, may be reached at 855-5859 or Follow her on Twitter at (@jessi_pierce).