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Parcels sold, contracts made

WALKER — Land Commissioner Joshua Stevenson informed the Cass County Board on Tuesday that eight of 18 land parcels the county offered for sale at a June 23 auction sold, with a ninth selling over the counter since the auction.

Prices averaged $1,200 per acre, he said, noting that is about the value the county has been paying recently to buy land. All but one parcel sold at appraised value. The other sold for $3,000 above appraisal.

The parcels that did not sell at auction are available for sale to buyers at the land department office in Backus.

The commissioners selected the lowest bidder of five, Northfork Boulders and Excavating, to mow the following county forest trails: Cut Lake and Hiram for $1,400, Snowflea and Mayo Creek for $450 and Vermillion, Thunder Lake, Washburn and Old Grade for $2,500.

They also selected the lowest of five bidders, North Country Janitorial and Supply Inc. of Brainerd, to clean the land department building in Backus weekly for a $330 per month contract price. That price includes burnishing floors, carpet cleaning and windows.

The new contract covers more work than prior cleaning contracts the county has had for that building, Stevenson said.

He presented quotes from five survey companies for certificates of survey and monuments in four townships to identify county property lines for timber management and property line discrepancy. Those winning the contracts include Bolton and Menk Inc. for a project in North Trelipe Township for $4,200, Kohout Surveying for projects in Bull Moose Township for $19,800 and in Beulah Township for $7,200 and Northern Engineering and Consulting Inc. for a project in Torrey Township for $4,805.

The land department sold $130,368 worth of timber from county land June 28. Average price per cord paid for 1,944 cords of aspen sold was $27.84. Average paid for the 1,260 cords of red oak sold was $31.78. Smaller quantities of other tree species sold ranged from $7.26 per cord paid for ash to $37.64 paid for white spruce.