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It's hard to be a rebel

When President Obama awarded Bob Dylan the medal of Freedom, he quoted Dylan who wrote, “it’s hard to be a rebel in Hibbing, Minn., … it’s too cold.” What a great line. “It’s hard to be a rebel…”

Well, not anymore my friends.

I heard that word rebel again at the Baccalaureate service on Wednesday night as Pastor Dave Bostrom brought the message. Pastor Dave reminded the audience and graduates that they would be rebels in this current culture.

By that he meant, if you are a Bible-believing individual today and subscribe to those values traditionally associated with the Bible you are now a counter-cultural rebel. The current culture we are living in seeks to normalize immoral behavior, including heterosexual and homosexual sin (yes, the word is sin and we need forgiveness for it … all of us), a culture that not only overlooks but embraces things thought inappropriate and vulgar not very long ago, a culture more in tune with bumper sticker slogans instead of reasoned and thought out positions (both conservative and liberal alike), a culture where we reduce morals to feelings and verities to opinions, in short, a culture that has no mooring for truth other than the whims of reason, tradition, or experience. Yes, those graduates are going into a world that is largely anti-Christian … well, actually anti-theistic, but more and more blatantly here in America anti-Christian.

When our Christian children graduate and go into the college here, they will be forced to sit under professors, paid by the student or their parents, who attack their Christian faith. Lists will be given out “proving” the misogynist nature of the Bible … all of these without a shred of dissenting opinion, save for those “rebels” in the class who dare speak up.

No, being a rebel in this culture doesn’t mean getting pregnant out of wedlock, being a rebel in this culture doesn’t mean having an addiction problem, being a rebel in this culture doesn’t mean being disrespectful to those in authority, being a rebel in this culture doesn’t mean having an affair, being a rebel in this culture doesn’t mean bad-mouthing the church or objects of faith, to be honest with you, these are simply reflective of this culture … you want to be a rebel … try living a born-again conservative Christian life in this culture.

It’s a blast!

I was in a local eating establishment and the server used the word for fecal material, and the word that in other instances would mean donkey.

I grew up in a secular family. My mother is a very educated Japanese woman who married my father, a pragmatic eastern Montana cowboy. In the 60’s Dad voted Wallace, Mom voted Bobby Kennedy … and so it’s gone my whole life. My two younger brothers and I cut our teeth on political discussions around the table … but one subject was obviously unnecessary and unneeded. Religion. In my mind, it was an incontrovertible fact that Christians were the enemy. Either terribly weak-minded or vile hypocrites were pretty much my only understanding of professing Christians.

While my classmates were going to confirmation or Catechism I was blissfully unaware of the finer theological truths that basically under-girded our societies understanding of what was right or wrong. We may have not liked the rules but the rules were understood.

Well, gone.

(Case in point, go see the movie “For Greater Glory.” Now, I’m writing this in May of 2012 and my article will go into the paper in July. So, at the risk of being presumptuous, I bet no one other than someone who has read about the movie or seen it has or had a clue that the socialist party in Mexico (yes, that’s right Mexico) demanded that Christians renounce their faith or be executed.