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Contract OK'd to move propane tanks

LAKE SHORE — Cass County commissioners approved a contract with Gas Service Company at their regular meeting Tuesday night at Fairview Town Hall to move two propane tanks from Ah-Gwah-Ching to the courthouse and highway garage in Walker.

Cost will be $151,850.

The board also approved selling a third 18,000 gallon tank to Walker-Hackensack-Akeley School District for $24,500, with proceeds from the sale to be paid to the state of Minnesota. The school district will arrange moving costs separately.

Susan Wake, Cass County Extension Committee, introduced the board to the 2012 Cass County Farm Family award winners, Greg Booth and Vickie Kettlewell.

Vickie’s parents started Sunup Ranch in the 1950s and moved it in the 1970s to the current southern Cass County location that was originally homesteaded by a Peterson family, Booth said.

Sunup is Minnesota’s oldest quarter horse breeder, he said. Their horses are used for ranching, riding and breeding.

They also raise Angus beef cattle, which they sell directly to consumers and local restaurants. Their property has a conservation easement.

Cass County generated $1,021,682 from tax forfeited lands in 2011. Of that, $153,252 will be used for reforestation, $102,168 for trails, $306,505 for general county operations and the balance divided among cities, townships and school districts in the county.

The county’s tax forfeit revenue has averaged $1,391,257 over the last 10 years.

Cass commissioners voted Tuesday to transfer all Mississippi Headwaters Board (MHB) money and fiscal management services to Crow Wing County. MHB moved its offices from Cass County government buildings last year to Crow Wing County’s.

MHB must vote to approve the transfer before it takes place.

Auditor-Treasurer Sharon Anderson reported county earned interest on investments declined from $583,199.31 the first six months of 2011 to $512,949.73 in 2012, though the decline was less than expected when the budget was set.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources sent Cass County this year $4,291.77 of the $51,501.19 the state generated from Pillsbury State Forest, which is located in the county. John S. and Mahala Pillsbury donated the land to the state May 17, 1902, with a designation that the county should receive a portion of income the property generates.

Cass’s 2011 allotment was $2,388.98.

Hackensack Fire and Rescue donated adult, child and infant manikins to Cass County Health, Human and Veterans Services and an airway management trainer manikin to the sheriff’s office to be used for training.

H.F. Bassett Furniture Sales donated $100 to the sheriff’s boat and water patrol.