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Much Obliged-July 29

Thank you to the lady customer who rushed to my aid when you saw me trip and fall face down over the corner of a pallet in the produce department of Super One on June 1. I was shopping alone and with no employee in the department at that time, you took time from your day to help me. You asked if I wanted you to call 911 and I said, “No.” You helped me get up. I don’t know who you are but after you pleaded for someone to get the manager, he recorded your name, etc. You stayed with me even though you had someone waiting for you in the car and I am so thankful for you. Your act of kindness to a stranger who was hurt is so honorable and rare.

Thank you to the manager on duty at 12:45 p.m. that day. You handled the situation in a professional manner and took charge of the details. You wasted no time paging for clean-up of that area for the safety of other customers.

Lastly, I applaud Super One for recognizing this hazard. You have recently posted brilliant red warning notices at eye level with arrows pointing to the protruding pallet corners on the floor. Too late for me but apparently you are recognizing the importance of every customers safety when shopping in your grocery store.

Thank you.

A loyal customer of Super

One since 1988.

~ Betty Jean Carlson,

age 84, Brainerd

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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