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All three incumbents file for Baxter council

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Baxter Mayor Darrel Olson and council members Mark Cross and Todd Holman — all who are serving seats that expire at the end of this year — filed Tuesday for the positions on the Baxter City Council.

Olson, 62, served one four-year term in the council and two four-year terms as the mayor. Olson again will seek the mayor position.

In a statement, Olson said, “I have enjoyed, and been honored, to represent the city of Baxter as mayor. It’s a great city and one to be proud of. This council has worked hard and well together through some difficult times. We’ve experienced layoffs, no local government aid, decreasing property values and other issues that have created difficult decisions. We may not always agree, and that’s OK. But at the end of the day, we come to a consensus as to how to move the city forward.

“In spite of this current recession, we’ve seen the city move forward for which we are very thankful. That’s taken the council and staff working together to overcome some of the current obstacles. The city is financially sound, our bond rating is great and it appears that other exciting possibilities are on the horizon. I look forward to continuing my role as mayor of Baxter, and would appreciate your support.”

Holman, 51, was appointed to Baxter City Council in July of 2007 and then filled one four-year term.

Holman said, “First and foremost it has been a privilege to serve on Baxter City Council. I have enjoyed the work.”

Holman said he has vast knowledge to bring to the Baxter City Council as he has worked in both the private and public sectors. Holman was Baxter’s community director from 1999 to 2004 and currently he is the program director of the Nature Conservancy, which has its corporate office in Minneapolis.

Holman said when he was appointed to the council in 2007, it was during difficult economic times and today the city is fiscally sound.

“I want to continue the good work by the city and that is part of my motivation for running,” said Holman. “The city is developing a comprehensive plan and being a former community director — this is a good time for me to bring my expertise and to help bring it (comprehensive plan) to the next step.”

Holman said the city also has seen positive economic growth, with businesses such as Costco and Olive Garden coming into town.

Cross was appointed to city council in July of 1998 and served through 2004. Cross then came back in 2009. Cross could not be reached for comment.

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