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NHRA Top Fuel: Morgan Lucas notches second career win at Lucas Oil Nationals

Lucas, who won for the third time in 2012, said that there was no extra pressure to win the race that his sponsored by his parents Forest and Charlotte.

“Anytime you can win here for my family, as much as my father is involved with this track and this race in general, it is a dream come to true. Hopefully it is a sign of better things to come.”

Lucas had a run of 3.818 seconds at a speed of 316.90 miles per hour, which was better than runner up Antron Brown who finished with a time of 3.831 at a speed of 313.80 miles per hour.

Although Brown failed to get the win in the final, the weekend was a successful one as he claimed the number one spot in the points race from Spencer Massey, with one weekend of qualifying left at Indianapolis.

Lucas had been in a slump since his win at Houston earlier in the season, and sees the win at BIR as a positive sign.

“You can’t help but get a lot of confidence out of an outing like this, but you never know with these cars,” Lucas said. “We had a great car at the beginning of the season, and then we had to change a couple of discs in the package and it changed everything. But Aaron has done a great job and logically figured out how to get the car down the track, and I feel like the hard work is starting to pay dividends.”

Tony Schumacher had qualified in the number one spot and made it to the semi-finals before falling to Lucas.

“That guy has had my number,” Lucas said of Schumacher. “It’s probably a 30-1 ratio the times that he has beat me so to get one back is nice. He is a great driver and a good ambassador for the sport, but you want to beat everyone and that is what keeps you going.”

Starting in the number four spot after qualifying, Lucas got the win over Steve Torrence in the first round, and defeated Cory McClenathan in the second round. That earned him a spot running against Schumacher who had a good opening weekend running with his new canopy protective shield.

Lucas ran a time of 3.819, which was seven one hundredth’s of a second better than Schumacher who finished with a time of 3.819. He also commented on the protective canopy on Schumacher’s car.

“The question of questions,” Lucas said of the canopy. “Personally I don’t like it. I have seen enough fires. I know that it is sealed off around the cage, but it isn’t sealed off everywhere and I feel there is potential for dead air space. In my opinion, I like the open cockpit.”

Brown started from the number two position and defeated Bob Vandergriff and David Grubnic, and then bested Doug Kalitta in the semi-finals to earn his spot in the final.

Both drivers got a good start off the tree in the finals but Lucas advantage in reaction time of .069 to .082 for Brown proved to be the difference in the race.

Lucas also spoke about the parity in the class and how it has been stepped up.

“In the past you have had maybe five or six cars that could win a race. It seems like now it is probably 12 cars that can step up if they fire on all cylinders. To me that says a lot about the class which has to make it great for the fans.”