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Amen! I agree brother!

I hope you read last week’s Clergy View, for I am agreeing with my brother Pastor Jim Goodew. We can’t violate God’s laws of nature or ethos without serious consequences. I would like to carry that thought forward as we near a very important election for our nation. We are being told to believe that to oppose “free” choice in marriage partners would be unfair, constrictive, or unjust.

The problem is in the word free or freedom. A definition of freedom, I would like all Christians to consider it this: “Freedom is not the right to do whatever I want, but the power to do what I ought.” This power to do what we ought comes from God in the form of the Holy Spirit who dwells within every believer. We are told in Romans Chapter 13 that we are to be obedient to whatever government we find ourselves under, and in the United States that is a government we elect. In Romans 12:17b we are also instructed to “respect, or have regard for what is right.” I believe this can be applied to our responsibility as members of our form of government in the area of voting. Not only to vote to make a part of God’s Word or ethics a part of the foundation of our state, which is our constitution, so that no judge or future legislature can change the current law, but also for each person we vote for in any office.

Starting with our township officers, all the way to the president of our nation, we need to respect what is right and do what is right in the sight of God. It is my opinion that means we are to exercise our freedom to do what we ought, and elect the person who best stands for the positions that God asks us to honor from his word. Those who tell the truth, and that is not easy to discern, who have a record of honesty in business or their profession, and those who let their yes be yes and their no, no, are the ones that should get our vote regardless of party, race, sex, age, or whatever.

We are to examine the character, not the promises, looking for truth and then acting upon that information when we get to the voting booth. Voting is not optional for any Christian it is an obligation. We must stand firm for the principles this great nation was founded upon, “One Nation Under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” I believe the key to that statement is “under God,” which means that we want our laws and our lawmakers to recognize that God is in control of our destiny and he will direct our ways when we follow the principles of his word. We are not trying to force our specific beliefs on anyone, but we are saying that as we follow the principles of God’s word we will receive his blessings and everyone will benefit from that blessing. There will be peace and order and forgiveness, instead of mass shootings and death. There will be respect for others beliefs, without changing ours, or modifying our foundation, the Constitution, to restrict those beliefs.

Our founding fathers saw the wisdom of a foundation built on the word of God, and we need to continue that wisdom in our responsibilities in the voting booth. God bless as you seek the truth, for the truth will set you free.