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Fast Cop lets teen-agers race

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The chance to race a car against a buddy is an urge that has gotten many teenagers in trouble as the result of a street race.

Retired Minnesota State Trooper Larry White was tired of seeing the injuries and deaths of teenagers in car accidents. So with the help of his friends in law enforcement and emergency medical services, Fast Cop was born.

In 2003 Fast Cop and the Wednesday Night Street Drags at Brainerd International Raceway began their efforts to keep teenagers safe behind the wheel and provide a controlled environment for people to race their cars.

Throughout the year, Fast Cop presenters visit schools around Minnesota talking about the program and making connections with young drivers, urging them to take it to the track, not the street.

Fast Cop Inc. officials said: “The goals of the Fast Cop program is designed to save lives and reduce the amount of injuries on our public streets and highways. Though the target audience is the population in general, our focal group is that of the teen-agers. By developing contact with young drivers, who have not yet developed hazardous driving habits, we will be able to make a difference in their performance behind the wheel.”

Fast Cop rules:

• All vehicles must be a street legal car, truck or motorcycle that is currently registered for street use.

• Helmets are required by all racers.

• All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Must be 16 to race, and 16- and 17-year old drivers must have a waiver signed at the front gate by parent(s) (must be accompanied by parent.)

• No Shorts, nylon wind pants, bare Legs, tank tops or bare torsos permitted while racing.

• All cars can not be faster then 14.99 seconds in the quarter mile with a rider (all riders must be 16 years or older and if under 18 with parent consent form signed at front gate).

• Quarter-mile elapsed times that are quicker then 11.49 seconds require specialized racing equipment or licenses. If drivers suspect they may be going faster then 11.49 seconds, they’re asked to consult the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rule book, NHRA Tech Dept.

NAPA Auto Parts stores is sponsoring a reaction time contest at every Wednesday Night Street drag event providing the winners with a certificate for their accomplishment.

Steve Kohls
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