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Cass 911 reporting system to be replaced

BACKUS — Tim Richardson, central services director, obtained Cass County Board approval Tuesday to purchase new hardware and software to replace the county’s 1997 Enhance 911 emergency service reporting system.

He said the current system cannot be updated to work with current statewide system capabilities. Estimated cost is $158,267 and will be paid from Cass’s share of the 911 money that the state collects from telephone users’ phone bills.

The new system will take into account that the bulk of people today make calls from cellular telephones, he said. The new system will be installed in 2013.

Richardson also obtained board approval to replace the air conditioning system in the county law enforcement center attached to the courthouse in Walker. That system is about 25 years old and currently operates on only one of three sections from the original installation.

It leaks Freon, he said, which now costs about $10 per pound.

Tubes are located in the building in places where they cannot easily be reached, he said.

The board approved seeking design, specifications and bid preparation.

Following up on approvals given within the last month for new solid waste disposal contracts, the board Tuesday authorized seeking proposals for transporting collection bids for recycled cardboard from locations at 100 sites around the county to the transfer station north of Pine River.

The board agreed for the county to accept a donation of land from Stockman Transfer adjacent to the transfer station site and for the county to build a $38,000 building to store cardboard out of the weather, thus making the cardboard a higher value product for sale.

Stockman will share with the county all cardboard sales revenue over $75 per ton, compared with $100 in the past, as a way to pay off the $38,000 building cost.

Assuming a net 3,200 tons of mixed recyclables, the county board agreed Tuesday to a net increase in Stockman’s contract to provide 38 bins and transport to Pine River and process the mixed recyclables at $23,127 per year more.

This is a five-year contract.