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Nystrom, Campbell and Kern elected to Brainerd School Board

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Bob Nystrom said it feels just like yesterday that he was a member of the Brainerd School Board. With a three year stint away, Nystrom joins board members after leading Tuesday’s race with 8,936 votes for one of three open seats.

“To me, what last night’s election showed was how this community really values public education and its kids,” said Nystrom. “I couldn’t be happier to be going back (to being a school board member) and am ready to serve again.

“I am just really happy about it.”

Nystrom previously served on the school board from 2002-2009, losing his bid for election in 2009.

Another face back in action for the school board is Reed Campbell. Campbell and Nystrom remained close in the race, with Campbell drawing 8,813 of the votes to earn his re-election. The 55-year-old has served on the Brainerd School Board since 2003. He could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

Sue Kern said she is anxious to begin her new duties as school board member—her first time serving in an elected position.

“I am looking forward to getting started,” said Kern, who’s three children — ages 38, 28 and 14 — attended Brainerd High School. “I already went down and met with (Superintendent) Steve Razidlo today (Wednesday).

“I’ll have some learning to do, but I am looking forward to getting to know my new job and am very grateful for this opportunity and thankful for the people who voted for me to have the chance to work with the school board.”

Kern secured the third open seat with 6,309 votes.

Other candidates receiving votes were: Sally Jacobsen, 5,507 votes; Randy Heidmann, 4,113 votes; Kari Green, 3,933 votes; Bruce McComas, 3,246 votes; Maurice Olson, 2,616 votes; Bill Cruz, 2,247 votes; Bob Passi 2,125 votes. There were also 142 write-ins.

JESSI PIERCE, staff writer, may be reached at 855-5859 or Follow her on Twitter at (@jessi_pierce).