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Pine River-Backus School District agenda-Nov. 18

Brainerd City Council

Meets 7:30 p.m. Monday

Brainerd City Hall

Council chambers

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Consent Calendar – All matters listed are considered routine by the Council and will all be enacted by one (1) motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless good cause is shown prior to the time the Council votes on the motion to adopt by roll call.

A. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting held on Nov. 5, 2012, as distributed.

B. Approval of Licenses

1. Contractor’s Licenses – 3 – New

2. Contractor’s Licenses – 1 – Renewals

C. Department Reports

1. Mayor’s report of activities distributed to Council

2. Police Chief’s report of activities distributed to Mayor and Council

3. Finance Director’s report distributed to Mayor and Council

D. NJPA Board Nomination – Mary Koep – Approval of.

E. Canvass of Returns.

F. Per Past Practice – Authorize Closure of City Offices at noon. On Dec. 24, 2012, for Christmas Eve.

5. Approval of Bills and Transfer of Funds – Recommended by the Personnel and Finance Committee

From General Fund to Public Safety Fund, $250,000

From General Fund to Park Fund, $50,000

From General Fund to Street & Sewer Fund, $49,000

From General Fund to Airport Fund,$12,960

Total: $361,960

6. “Showcasing Brainerd” – Nila Patrick, Owner of Ivy Room, 710 Laurel Street, Brainerd

7. Presentation – Region Five – Tad Erickson

8. Planning Commission.

A. Rezoning – NW 2nd Street and West Washington Street from B4 to B2 or B1

B. Conditional Use Permit for Commercial Child Care Center at 401 and 405 S 9th Street (908 Maple St.)

C. Zoning Ordinance Definition Interpretation – Food Trucks.

9. Public Forum: Time allocated for citizens to bring matters not on the agenda to the attention of the Council – Time limits may be imposed

10. Reports

A – Mayor

B – City Attorney

C – Interim City Administrator

D – City Engineer

E – City Planner

F – Police Chief

G – Finance Director

H – Council President

11. Council Committee Reports.

A – Personnel and Finance Committee.

B – Safety and Public Works Committee.

C – Other Committees.

12. Committee Resignation – Accept with Regret

A – Jan Burton, Library – Effective Oct. 31, 2012

13. Call for Applicants

A. Cable TV Advisory Committee – One term to expire 12/31/12

B. Transportation Committee – 2 terms to expire 12/31/13

D. Library Board – 1 term to expire 12/31/2015

14. Adjourn – To Budget Workshop to be held Nov. 26, 2012, at 6 p.m.

Personnel and Finance Committee

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

City Hall Conference Room

1. Approval of bills and transfer of funds as follows:

− General Fund to Public Safety Fund, $250,000

− General Fund to Park Fund, $50,000

− General Fund to Street & Sewer Fund, $49,000

− General Fund to Airport Fund, $12,960

Total: $361,960

2. Police Department

• Officer Timothy Friis – Successful Completion of One-Year Probationary Period – Request Consideration of 10-years Service to Count as Credit for Wages, Longevity and Vacation Rate to be set at the Current Contractual Rate for an Officer of that Standing based on Police Chief Recommendation – Effective Nov. 14, 2012

• Squad Car Purchase Request

3. 2012 Audit Engagement Letter

4. Library MOE – Accept Recommendation of the Brainerd Public Library Board to Pay Kitchigami Regional Library, $5,241.60, Using the Library Technology Fund to Purchase 5 Replacement Computers, Therefore Fulfilling 2011 MOE Obligations

5. Other

• Budget Workshop Nov. 26, 6 p.m. — Discuss Money-Saving Ideas

Safety and Public Works committee

Meets 7:15 p.m. Monday

City council chambers

1. Contract Towing

2. Other

Crow Wing

County meetings

The following list includes Crow Wing County meetings that may be attended by one or more members of the Crow Wing County Board:

10 a.m. Monday, Personnel Committee at Historic Courthouse, County Administrator’s Conference Room

Noon Monday, Airport Commission’s Tenants Contracts & Leases Committee, Airport Conference Room

5 p.m. Tuesday, Historical Society Committee, County Museum

8 a.m. Wednesday, Child Abuse Prevention Council, Sawmill Inn, Brainerd

9 a.m. Wednesday, Central Minnesota Community Corrections Executive Committee, Land Services Building, CMCC Administration Office

10 a.m. Wednesday, Central Minnesota Community Corrections Joint Powers Board, Land Services Building, Meeting Room 1

12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thirty Lakes Watershed District Board of Managers Workshop, Land Services Building, Meeting Room 1

Closed Thursday and Friday

Baxter City Council

Meets 7 p.m. Tuesday

Baxter City Hall

13190 Memorywood Dr., Baxter

A work session of the Baxter City Council will be held on Tuesday immediately following the regular meeting of the Baxter City Council at the Baxter City Hall, 13190 Memorywood Dr., Baxter, Minn., for the purposes of discussing infrastructure improvements, updating the comprehensive plan, and holding a town meeting. No formal action will be taken at this meeting.

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comments

Comments received from the public may be placed on a future meeting agenda for consideration

5. Consent Agenda

The following items are considered non-controversial by staff and are recommended to be read and passed in one motion. Any council person, staff, citizen, or meeting attendee can request one or more items be pulled from the Consent Agenda and the item will be pulled and addressed immediately after the passage of the Consent Agenda; otherwise, the following items will be passed in one motion:

A. Approve Canvassing Board Minutes of November 14, 2012 and City Council Minutes from November 14, 2012

B. Approve the Payment of Bills and Finance Report.

C. Accept Utilities Commission Minutes from November 14, 2012

1. Approve the WSB Traffic Study Proposal for the intersection of Golf Course Drive and Clearwater Road in the amount not to exceed of $2,366

2. Accept the Olive Garden Project and release Bond No. 015036371 in the amount of $149,116.25 to the GMRI, Inc.

6. Pulled Agenda Items

7. Other Business

A. Hastings Road Utility & Roadway Improvements Project.

1. Approve the Douglas-Kerr Underground Partial Payment No. 4 for the 2011 Hastings Road Utility & Roadway Improvements Project in the amount of $54,504.54

B. Lift Station No. 4 & 5 Reconstruction Project

1. Project Update

2. Approve the Anderson Brothers Change Order No. 1 for the 2012 Lift Station No. 4 & 5 Reconstruction Project in the amount of $3,868.95

3. Approve the Anderson Brothers Partial Pay Estimate #2 for the 2012 Lift Station No. 4 & 5 Reconstruction Project in the amount of $24,600.54

C. 1.25 MG Elevated Water Storage Tower

1. Project Update.

2. Approve the Chicago Bridge & Iron, Inc. Change Order #2 for the 1.25 Elevated Water Storage Tower in the amount of $8,031.02

3. Approve the Chicago Bridge & Iron Partial Pay Estimate No. 12 for the 1.25 MG

Elevated Water Storage Tower in the amount of $125,661.02

D. Planning & Zoning Items

1. Approve Minor Subdivision Plat Entitled Third Addition to Wildflower per P & Z Commission Findings and Conditions

2. Approve Variances for the Third Addition to Wildflower Minor Subdivision per P & Z Commission Findings and Conditions

8. Council Comments

A. Jim Klein

B. Rob Moser

C. Todd Holman

D. Mark Cross

E. Darrel Olson

9. City Attorney’s Report

10. City Administrator’s Report

11. Adjourn to City Council Workshop and to the 2013 Budget and Levy Informational Meeting at 6:15 p.m. Dec. 3, 2012

Little Falls

School Board

Meets 5:30 p.m. Monday

County Commissioners Board Room

Morrison County Government Center

213 Southeast First Avenue, Little Falls

1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of agenda

4. Public comments

5. Presentation

5.1. Curriculum Development Process

6. Consent agenda

6.1. Personnel

6.1.1. Employment

6.1.2. Resignations

6.1.3. Long Term Substitute Teacher

6.1.4. Elimination of position

6.2. Approval of prior meeting minutes

6.3. Presentation of bills for payment

6.4. Donation from Spectrum Marketing Services

6.5. Donation from Funding Factory

6.6. Donation from Zion Lutheran Women

6.7. Donation from Kemps Nickels for Schools

6.8. Donation from Coborn’s

7. Reports from board members

8. Superintendent’s report

9. Old or unfinished business

10. New business

10.1. 2011-12 Fiscal Audit

11. Adjournment

Morrison County Board of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Monday

County Board Room

Government Center, Little Falls

1. Call to order by chairman

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of county board minutes

4. Additions/deletions to the agenda

5. Sheriff’s report

6. Social service report

7. Public health report

8. Extension report

9. Planning and zoning report

10. Fish Trap Lake improvement district

11. Auditor’s report

12. County board warrants

13. Public works report

14. Committee reports/upcoming schedule

15. Administrator’s report

16. Adjournment

Nisswa City Council

Meets 7 p.m. Wednesday

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Approve Minutes of Oct. 17 and Nov. 9, 14.

Pubic hearing on intention to issue G.O. Bonds and adopt capital improvement plan

Open forum


Police Chief

Fire Chief

Liquor Department

City Planner

Park & Rec

Public Works

City Attorney

City Engineer

Nisswa Chamber of Commerce

New business

A. Nisswa Lake Park/Access Report from SEH

B. 371/Clark Lake Rd Median Crossover Response from MnDOT

C. Certify Delinquent Sewer Accounts

D. Brainerd Jaycees Raffle Request at Grand View Lodge January 18, 2013

E. Final Payment of Contract #1 of Wastewater Facility Improvement

Old business

A. Council report

A. Mayor

B. Council Members


Presentation of claims


Pillager School Board

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

I. Call to order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

IV. Consider Additions/Deletions/Acceptance of the Agenda

V. Visitor Comments

VI. Consider Consent Agenda

A. Minutes of the Oct. 15 Regular Monthly Board Meeting

B. Monthly Cash Flow Including Investments

C. Consider Donations: Pan-O-Gold - $15.63; Kemps - $27.05; 3M-NAEIR valued at $6,650.00; Patrick and Jody Carey - $500; 3M valued at $500; Marsden Bldg Maintenance, LLC - $500; Target Brands, Inc. - $50; Pillager Huskie Booster Club - $500

VII. Special Reports with Possible Action

A. Budget

1. Committee Report

2. Audit Report

3. Monthly Bills

4. Other

B. Curriculum

1. Staff Development Report and Curriculum, Instruction and Student Performance Report

2. Other

C. Personnel

1. Other

D. Policy

1. Other

E. Activities

1. Committee Report

2. Other

F. Facilities

1. Committee Report

2. Other

G. Miscellaneous

1. Set January Re-organization/Regular meeting date

2. Special meeting to Canvass School Board Election Results

3. Other

VIII. Special Reports

A. Secondary Principal

B. Elementary Principal

C. Superintendent’s Report

IX. Adjournment

Pine River-Backus School Board

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

Pine River-Backus High School Media Center

1. Call to Order – Chair

2. Welcome to visitors

2.1. Public Comments and Time for Interaction with the Board on Agenda Items

2.2. Board Chair Report on Superintendent Evaluation Conducted Nov. 5, 2012

2.3. Spotlight on Education – PBIS, Jackie Bruns

3. Approve Agenda (Addendum)

4. Accept the Resignation of John Palmer, School Board Member, Effective Nov. 5, 2012, and Declare Vacancy on Board

5. Approve Minutes – October 15, 2012 Special and Regular Board Meetings

6. Informational Items:

6.1. Administrative Team Reports

6.2. Directors Reports

6.3. Committee Reports

6.4. PRB Student Representative Report

6.5. Enrollment Report

7. Consent Calendar

7.1. Approve Bills Presented

7.2. Approve Investment Report

7.3. Approve Treasurer’s Report

7.4. Approve Electronic Funds Transfers and Other Banking Transactions

7.5. Accept Monetary A wards and Donations

7.6. Approve the Hiring of George Robinson as Route Bus Driver Effective Nov. 20, 2012

7.7. Approve the Hiring of Sarah Flagstad as Junior High Girls Basketball Coach for the 2012-13 Season

7.8. Approve the Hiring of Mike Dinnel as Junior High Boys Basketball Coach for the 2012-13 Season

7.9. Approve the Hiring of Lynn Wangberg as Prom Advisor for 2012-13 School Year

7.10 Approve the Hiring of Pam Mills as Prom Advisor for 2012-13 School Year

7.11. Approve the Hiring of Hiring of Duane Anderson as Robotics Advisor for the 2012-13

7.12. Approve the Hiring of Richard Larson as Robotics Advisor for the 2012-13

7.13. Approve the Hiring of Steve Bergerson as Robotics Advisor for the 2012-13

7.14. Approve the Hiring of Jennifer Anderson as Drama Advisor for the 2012-13

7.15. Approve the Hiring of Joan Batcher as Drama Advisor for the 2012-13 School

7.16 Approve the Hiring of Nicholas Bunio as Pit Orchestra Director for the 2012-13 School Year

8. Discussion Items:

8.1 Superintendent Goals

8.2 Band and Choir Trip for November/December 2013

8.3 Food Service Director Posting

8.4 Minnesota Rural Education Association (MREA) Board of Directors Ballot

9. Action Items:

9.1 Approve the Salary Agreement with Superintendent Bettino for 2012-2014

9.2 Accept the Resignation of Brenda Anderson, Food Service Director, Effective December 26, 2012 and Authorize Posting for Replacement

9.3 Approve the Termination of Membership in the Fiscal Host Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative Effective June 30, 2013

9.4 Approve Pine River-Backus Schools Membership in the Joint Powers Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative Effective July 1, 2013 and Adopt the Agreement and By-laws of that Organization

9.5 Approve the 2013 Cass County/Leech Lake Reservation Family Services Collaborative Initiative, Inc. Interagency Agreement

10. Open Forum

11. Next Regular Board Meeting – Dec. 18, 2012 at 7 p.m. High School Media Center

12. Adjourn

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