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Family, freedom and life

Every year of my life my family and I have had Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house but this year we are not. I am thankful for family, freedom and life. I really can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my family. My parents take care of me. I’m thankful that my parents love me and put a roof over my head. My brother wrestles with me. He is usually the first one to hit the ground. My grandma and grandpa live close. We go to their house for dinner a lot. I enjoy spending time with them. But I love it when grandma makes her mouth-watering salted nut rolls.

I also appreciate our freedom. There is no more slavery! We get to choose our own religion. You can choose your own church. You can also choose your middle school, so you don’t get stuck at a school you don’t like. Isn’t that sweet?

I am thankful for life too. I can explore. I enjoy going into the woods to see plants and animals. When you step out into the woods you get a blow of cold, crisp air. I can learn. I’m glad and thankful that I can go to school to learn more about math. It is easy and fun. Life is awesome. Every day something new happens so I get to learn and experience new things.

I am thankful for family, freedom and life. I hope you have a really good Thanksgiving.