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By Joel Dodd

Look at your clocks because it is time to be thankful. I am thankful for family, what my mom provides and athletics. I personally love being thankful.


I am thankful for a great family. My loving mom does a lot of things for me. She is raising me to be a Godly Christian man. I have a funny brother who makes me smile. He tells me the best jokes. My siblings always find ways to have fun with me. Once one of my cousins, Brooke, and I played prince and princess.

I am glad for what my mom provides. She provides scrumptious food. My favorite is her juicy beef stroganoff. Yummy. She lets me pick out my own clothes. I usually pick sporty or striped shirts. My mom pays the rent for our apartment. I share a white bedroom with my brother.

I am thankful for athletics. I love to bike. Once I biked to Nisswa. That’s 32 miles round trip! I play BYAA basketball at my school, Forestview Middle School. We have already begun playing games. I also love to play football. I love the feeling of the ol’ pigskin in my hands. My favorite position is quarterback.

As you can see I am thankful for family, what my mom provides and athletics. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.