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AIRPORT COMMISSION: New manager salary package approved

The airport commission voted Thursday to approve the conditional salary package offer extended to new airport manager Jeff Wig.

Wig accepted the conditional employment offer made by the personnel committee Nov. 14.

Wig’s salary will start out at 95 percent and increase to the full employment package after a six-month probation period.

Commissioner Beth Pfingsten told the commission that the numbers used to determine Wig’s salary were based on the 2012 salary and benefits packages given to the Brainerd Police chief and Brainerd Fire chief.

Salaries for 2013 have not yet been negotiated, but Pfingsten said it is projected that salaries comparable to Wig’s will see a one percent increase next year.

Wig’s total personnel package, including benefits, totals $95,490 annually.

Pfingsten pointed out to the commission that at the rate offered by the airport, Wig is taking about a $10,000 a year pay cut from his current salary at Central Lakes College.

“That doesn’t happen often in this day and age,” Pfingsten said. “He is very anxious, excited and passionate about coming here.”

Wig’s projected start dates as the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport manager is set for Jan. 14, 2013.

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