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Conditional bail reduced for Little Falls suspect

Byron Smith

Conditional bail has been reduced for the 64-year-old rural Little Falls man accused in the shooting deaths of two teens at his home on Thanksgiving Day.

A judge Monday reduced Smith’s conditional bail to $500,000 bond or $50,000 cash. It originally had been set at $1 million bond or $100,000 cash bail. The conditions of release include Smith surrendering his passport, any firearms he may have, remain law abiding and remain in the state of Minnesota.

Unconditional bail, set at $2 million bond or $200,000 cash bail, was not changed at Monday’s hearing in Morrison County District Court.

Smith, 64, is charged with two counts of second degree murder in the deaths of Haile Kifer, 18, and Nicholas Brady, 17.

Kifer and Brady were allegedly attempting to burglarize Smith’s house when he shot them multiple times. Morrison County sheriff’s deputies did not learn of the deaths until the next day when they responded to complaints of suspicious activity taking place at Smith’s residence.

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