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Stories of Christmas-1st place kids'


Age 11


I wake up to darkness filling the sky and snowflakes falling to the ground. I roll over and my clock tells me it’s four o’clock in the morning.

“Now I have to try to go back to sleep!” I grumble to myself. The only thing I was thinking about the previous night suddenly comes back to my mind: Today is Christmas day! I fling my quilt off myself and rush into the hall.

Some of my family of nine is already awake, as I am, and some are still sound asleep, as my mom and dad are.

We creep down the staircase like little mice, seeing the outline of our homemade stockings. We feel the stuffed stockings, eager to find what is hidden inside them. We stop at the end of the stairs to look out the big window. By the light of the moon and streetlights we can see the snowflakes falling gently to the cold ground. We switch on the light in the living room and find a wonderful sight! Presents wrapped in every shape, size and color are neatly placed under the tree. We are eager to tear the wrapping paper clean off the gifts to see what it is. But we can’t do that yet.

We creep down the second flight of stairs to the basement, where our two older brothers are already seated watching “A Christmas Story.” Though we are sleepy, we can hardly sit still because of our excitement.

It’s about six o’clock and we can hardly wait another minute. We rush up both flights of stairs and with a few shoves from us kids, our parents finally wake up.

The lights in the stairwell and living room are now all turned on. Christmas music is playing in the background as we dig through our stockings. Squeals of joy fill the room and smiles are on everyone’s faces. The stockings are filled with candy and little knick-knack things like journals and colorful socks.

Everyone settles their excitement down as we all take a seat in the living room. Bridget, the youngest of us, gets to open one of her presents first. She tears off the wrapping paper and everyone leans in to see what she has gotten from Santa. Laura is next, then me, and then my four older brothers. We go in order from youngest to oldest.

I sit watching my family. I feel so joyful on Christmas day. My family is together and we are all so happy. Though presents and stockings and Santa are fun, they are not what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about being cheerful and joyful, glad for a family to spend it with, and celebrating Jesus’ birth. Thank you Jesus for being born on such a wonderful day!

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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