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Stories of Christmas 2nd place-Adults


Age 58


In anticipation of Christmas and Santa Claus’ arrival our grandson who was 5 years old at the time continually worried that Santa Claus would not be able to bring presents because we did not have a chimney.

We always assured him that Santa has forever found ways to bring children their presents and there are many houses that do not have fireplaces and chimneys. Santa had been here many times before and he would come this year too.

Still not totally convinced he fretted away, and every Christmas movie we watched he would point out the fireplaces that Santa would come down with a full sack of gifts. He was not convinced that Santa would use the door as we explained.

He must have had my husband convinced as well, because on Christmas Eve he was busy planning Santa’s arrival. As soon as the grandson was asleep he found deer hooves from the dried legs of the fall deer hunt, made tracks in the snow on the balcony with them, laid raisins out for deer poop and used skis to make tracks of the sleigh. It was clear to me that Santa’s arrival was in the bag so to speak!

In the morning as our grandson woke he had me ring the jingle bells as loud as I could just outside the front door as he exclaimed, “Santa just left the balcony!”

With a half-awake grin our grandson ran to the balcony door and sure enough there were all his presents that Santa had left. He even was delighted with the evidence the reindeer and sleigh left. When family arrived for dinner the grandson was proudly showing everyone where Santa had landed.

I’m not sure if he worried much after that whether Santa would be able to deliver presents but evidently my husband did. A year later he built that fireplace. Never has there been another word about how Santa was going to get in!

Our grandson is almost eight years old now and I still haven’t heard anything that would make me think he’s lost his belief in Santa.

I still feel blessed about the caring nature of that grown man who was going to be sure our grandson believed. After all there is a little Santa in all of us and spreading that cheer along with our Savior’s glory is what Christmas is all about!

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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