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Age 16


Oh, Christmas. You are truly the happiest holiday of all. Quite often you’re called “the season of perpetual hope.” From Dec. 1st (and way before then for most retail stores) until Christmas Day you cause a lot of hubbub because of your so many traditions. First we have to set up the tree, put lights and ornaments on it, then hang the stockings, put lights around the whole house, decorate with Santa, reindeer, wreaths, garland and usually countless other little decor. There are cookies to be baked, meals to be planned, and decisions to be made regarding who will host Christmas. I believe that’s about it. Ha! Of course that’s not all. There’s what seems to be the biggest part of it — the presents.


Now don’t get me wrong. If I was to tell you presents didn’t matter to me, I’d be lying straight to your face. Of course I love getting gifts, and who doesn’t? But there is a much bigger and better part for me. That’s seeing my family. There is truly nothing better than my sisters coming home for the holidays, then having no school and we all stay up late talking and watching movies (“Elf” preferably), and then just having fun. Then when the big day arrives we have the large and always amazingly tasteful dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Finally, finishing off the night with playing board games, usually very competitively with one another.

So this holiday season I challenge you. Think about what is really the most important part of Christmas to you. Is it diving into that sea of presents, or getting to hang out with your family? Remember that the new iPad you might get will last a few years, but you’ve got your family for life. Cherish your time with them, because maybe some of them won’t be there the next year. It’s quite sad how, often times, the moment you truly begin to appreciate them is when they are gone. So ask yourself, what does Christmas really mean to me? I wish you and your families a truly happy and stress-free holiday. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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