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Agendas - Jan. 5

Little Falls City Council Meeting (Organizational)

Meets 7:30 p.m. Monday

Council Chambers, City Hall

Oath Of Office

1. Call to order/determination of quorum/pledge of allegiance

a. Invocation

b. Council reorganization

Election of Officers

- Council President

- Council Vice President

Council Committee Appointments

- Personnel and Finance Committee

- Public Works Committee

- Public Safety Committee

2. Approval of agenda

3. Approval of minutes

4. Approval of bills

5. Awards, donations, presentations and proclamations

6. Consent agenda

a. Application to Conduct Off-Site Gambling, Little Falls Youth Hockey, Exchange Area, Raffle

b. Fire Department Report

c. Morrison County Attorney Prosecution Report

d. Park Board Minutes, October and November

e. Police Department Report

f. Taxi License, Jamie Dickmann, Tuxedo Taxi

g. Wastewater Treatment Facility Report

h. Water Treatment Facility Report

7. Public hearings and lettings

8. Old business

9. New business

a. Airport Commission Recommendation, Mead & Hunt, Task Order 2012-02, North Ramp Rehabilitation

b. Resolution 2013-01, Designate Official Newspaper

c. Resolution 2013-02, Designate Official Depositories

d. Resolution 2013-03, Authorize Execution of City Attorney Agreement, Wetzel Law Office

e. In-Control, Inc., Proposals PW Director

1. Lift Station 2, Control Panel for Generator

2. Lift Stations 17 and 18, Radio Repeater Telemetry System

f. Magney Construction, Change Order 3/Final, Lime Slaker/High Service Pump Project

10. Citizens appeals and petitions

a. Petition(s)

1. Rezone, Oakland Cemetery, Non-Central Business District B-3

b. Citizens Appeals. (5 Minute Limit)

Individuals may address the City Council about any item not included on the agenda. Speakers are requested to come to the podium, state their name and address for the Council record and limit their remarks to five minutes. Generally, the City Council will not take official action on items discussed at this time, but may refer the matter to staff or a committee for a future report or direct the matter to be scheduled on an upcoming agenda.

11. City council reports on city authorities, boards, bureaus, committees and commissions

12. Announcements

13. Adjournment

Little Falls School Board Meeting Business Meeting

5 p.m. Monday

County Commissioner’s Board Room, Morrison County Government Center

213 Southeast First Avenue, Little Falls

1. Call to order

2. Pledge of alliegance

3. Administration of oath of office

4. Approval of minutes

5. Reorganization,

5.1 Election of officers

5.2 Establishment of board members renumeration

5.3 Board members committee and other assignments

5.4 2013 regular board meeting schedule

6. Recognition/Appreciation

6.1 MSBA Directors’ Award 2012-13

7. Public Comments

8. Consent agenda

8.1 Personnel

8.1.1 Resignations

8.1.2 Employment

8.2 Approval of prior meeting minutes

8.3 Presentation of bills for payment

8.4 Donation from Pentair Foundation

8.5 Donation from Atomic Learning, Inc.

8.6 Donation from Pine Country Bank

8.7 Designation of depositories

8.8 Authorization to invest excess district funds

8.9 Authorization for use of board chairperson’s/ treasurer’s facsimile signature as necessary to transact district business

8.10 Designation of legal counsel

8.11 Designation of offical newspaper

8.12 Authorization of payment of district obligations to advance of board approval

8.13 Authorization for the administration to execute certain agreements on the district’s behalf

9. Reports from boardmembers

10. Superintendent’s report

11. Old or Unfinished business

11.1 EMLF seniority list

12. New business

12.1 2013-14 enrollment projections

12.2 2013-14 budget assumptions

12.3 Resolution authorizing the superintendent to identify and recommend the elimination or eduction of, and/or modification to, district services, staff, positions, programs, offerings and other areas for the 2013-14 school year, as needed.

12.4 NJPA board of directors election

12.5 Additional signatory for Pine Country Band if needed

13. Adjournment

Pine River-Backus I.S.D. No. 2174

Reorganization Board Meeting

Meets 7 p.m. Monday

Pine River-Backus High School Media Center

1. Call to Order and Pledge to Flag

2. Approve Agenda (Addendum)

3. Reorganization of Board

3.1 Chair

3.2 Vice Chair

3.3 Clerk/Treasurer

3.4 Committee appointments and committee recorders

3.5 Set official board meeting dates and times

3.6 Set official board salaries

3.7 Set official board publication

3.8 Set official depositories

3.9 Authorize Personnel to Make Investments and Other Banking Transactions

3.10 Renew District Membership in Organizations: M

• Minnesota School Board Association

• Central Minnesota ERDC

• National Joint Powers Alliance

• Schools For Equity in Education

• Minnesota State High School League

• Cass County Economic Development Corporation

• Pine River Chamber of Commerce

• National School Board Association National Affiliate Program

• Minnesota Rural Education Association

3.11 Set mileage reimbursement rate for claims incurred after Jan. 1.

3.12 Set meal reimbursement rate for claims incurred after Jan. 1.

3.13 Set district legal counsel and identify those with authority to contact

4. Adjourn

Pine River-Backus School Board Meeting

Monday, immediately following reorganization meeting

Pine River-Backus High School Media Center

1. Call to Order – Chair

2. Welcome to visitors

2.1 Public comments and time for interaction with the board on agenda items

2.2 Spotlight on education – none

3. Approve Agenda (Addendum) __

4. Approve Minutes –December 18, 2012 Regular Meeting

5. Informational Items:

5.1 Administrative team reports

5.2 Directors reports

5.3 Committee reports

5.4 PRB student representative report

5.5 Enrollment report

6. Consent Calendar

6.1 Approve bills presented

6.2 Approve investment report

6.3 Approve treasurer’s report

6.4 Approve electronic funds transfers and other banking transactions

6.5 Accept monetary awards and donations

6.6 Approve use of current check signature bitmap until new bitmap can be prepared

6.7 Accept the resignation of Holly McBeth, paraprofessional, Effective December 29, 2012 and authorize replacement

6.8 Accept the resignation of Nancy Schauer, paraprofessional, Effective January 14 , 2013 and authorize replacement

7. Discussion Items:

7.1 Superintendent Goals

8. Action Items:

8.1 Adopt resolution directing administration to make recommendations for reductions in programs and positions and reasons therefore

8.2 Authorize Posting for a 5.5 Hour Per Day Food Service Position

9. Open Forum

10. Next Regular Board Meeting – To be determined at reorganization meeting. Recommended date and time is Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.

11. Adjourn

Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners

Statutory, Organizational & Regular County Board Meeting

9:00 a.m., Jan. 8

County Board Room, 3rd floor, Historic Courthouse, Brainerd

1. Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

2. Swear in New Commissioner

3. Reorganization of County Board

3.1 Election of Chair

3.2 Election of Vice Chair

4. Recognition of Retiring Employee

5. Open Forum

6. Review & Approve 12/31/12 Regular County Board Meeting Minutes

7. Review & Approve 1/8/13 Statutory, Organizational & Regular County Board Meeting Agenda

8. Approve Consent Agenda

8.1 Bills

8.2 Personnel Actions

8.3 Direct Sale of Non-Conforming Tract

8.4 Parks & Trails Advisory Committee Amended By Laws

8.5 Addendum to 2013 Purchase of Service Contracts

8.6 Sponsorship Letter for Thirty Lakes Watershed District to Purchase Insurance Through Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT)

8.7 Signature Resolution for 2013 Capital Projects for Airport Operations

9. Public Hearing, Crow Wing County/James & Janet Vacinek Land Exchange

9.1 Approve Crow Wing County/James & Janet Vacinek Land Exchange

10. Land Services Director

10.1 Environmental Services Consent

10.1.1 Curtis & Sarah Forsland – Land Use Map Amendment from Agricultural/Forestry to Rural Residential 20

10.2 Environmental Services Regular

10.2. Article 28 Ordinance Revisions – Dirt Moving

11. County Attorney

11.1 Child Abuse Prevention Council Status Review

12. County Auditor-Treasurer

12.1 Award of 2013 Printing & Publishing Bid

13. County Administrator

13.1 Senior Management Team Report

13.2 County Board Meeting Time & Committee of the Whole Meeting Dates & Time

13.3 Resolution regarding Per Diems, Per Meeting Rates & Meeting Expenses

13.4 Resolution regarding Closed Meetings

14. 2013 Committee Appointments

14.1 2013 AMC Delegate & Policy Committee Appointments

14.2 County Commissioner Committee Appointments

14.3 Citizen Committee Appointments

15. Additional Business

16. Committee Reports

17. Adjournment

18. Other Board Activities - The following list includes Crow Wing County meetings that may be attended by one or more members of the Crow Wing County Board:

Jan. 7, 10:00 AM - Personnel Committee @ Historic Courthouse, County Administrator’s Conference Room

Jan. 8, 2:00 PM - Public Health Preparedness Advisory Committee @ Brainerd Fire Hall

Jan. 9, 4:30 PM - Law Library Board of Trustees @ Judicial Center Building, Law Library

Jan. 10, 9:30 AM - Rollie Johnson Natural & Recreational Area Joint Powers Board @ Ideal Town Hall

Jan. 10, 12:00 PM - Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Committee @ National Guard Armory

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