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Area agendas - Jan. 5

Brainerd City Council

Meets 7:30 p.m. Monday

Brainerd City Hall Council Chambers

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Administer Oath of Office

4. Roll Call

5. Mayor Wallin – Prayer for the New Year

6. Election of President and Vice President of the Council for 2013 – 2014

7. Appointment of Council Committees – Council President

8. Consent Calendar (NOTICE TO PUBLIC) – All matter listed are considered routine by the Council and will all be enacted by one (1) motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless good cause is shown prior to the time the Council votes on the motion to adopt by roll call.

A. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on Dec. 17, 2012

B. Approval of 2013 Licenses

1. Contractor’s Licenses

2. Contractor’s Licenses

3. Garbage License – 1 – Renewal

4. Tobacco License – 1 – Renewal (pending department approval)

C. Department Reports

1. Mayor’s report of activities distributed to Council

2. Fire Chief’s report of activities distributed to Mayor and Council

3. Park Director’s report of activities distributed to Mayor and Council

D. Designation of Brainerd Dispatch as Official Newspaper for Calendar Year 2013 – Required by Charter

E. Designation of Financial Institutions as Depositories for 2013: Bremer Bank, Wells Fargo, Lakewood Bank, US Bancorp, First National Bank of Deerwood, People’s National Bank, Frandsen Bank & Trust, Riverwood Bank, RBC Wealth Management, 4M Money Market, PMA Financial Network, Inc. and Morgan Stanley

F. Signature Authorization for 2013 Capital Projects for the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport – Adoption of Resolution – (See Attachment)

G. Reappointment of City Officials – Pursuant to Charter – Approval of – (See Attachments

A. City Engineer – Jeffrey M. Hulsether, P.E.

B. City Building Official – Timothy Caughey

C. City Attorney – Thomas A. Fitzpatrick

H. Approval of 2013 Budgeted Transfers (See Attachment)

1. General Fund to Mayor’s Contingency Fund #245 - $2,500

2. General Fund to IT Capital Fund #402 - $15,000

I. Minnesota Lawful Gambling Application for Exempt Permit – Submitted by Brainerd Fire Department Relief Association to Hold a Raffle on December 3, 2013

J. Set Date for Public Hearing to be held on January 22, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. Required for HRA Housing and Rehabilitation Grant Application for SE Brainerd (See Attached Notice of Pubic Hearing)

9. Approval of Bills

10. New Business

A. Parks Department – Seasonal Pay Rates – Approval of – (See Attachment)

B. Compensation Study – Direct Staff to Draft RFP – (See Attachment)

C. Authorize Hiring Process in Street and Sewer Department – (See Attachment

D. Safe Routes to School – City/School Partnership – Approval of – (See Attachment)

11. Public Forum. Time allocated for citizens to bring matters not on the agenda to the attention of the Council. Time limits may be imposed.

12. Reports

A – Mayor

B – City Attorney

C – City Administrator D – City Engineer

E – City Planner

F – Fire Chief

G – Park Director

13. Committee Resignations – Accept with Regret – (Effective 12/31/2012)

A. Charter Commission – Don Crust

B. Planning Commission – Paul Hirst

C. Cynthia Dallaire – Rental Dwelling Board of Appeals

D. Mary Wohl – Rental Dwelling Board of Appeals

14. Committee Recommendations – Recommended by Mayor Wallin

A. Cable TV Advisory Committee – Reappoint Jeremy Doyle

B. Charter Commission – Reappoint Bill Dian and Wayne Erickson

C. Library Board – New Appointments: Sheila DeChantal

D. Parks and Recreation Board – Reappoint Tim Boeder

E. Public Utilities Commission – New Appointment: Lucy Nesheim as Lay Person

F. Rental Dwelling License Board of Appeals – Reappoint Rick Fargo, Todd Barnett and Teresa Hettver

15. Council Liaison Appointments – Recommended by Mayor Wallin.

A. Northland Arboretum


C. Park Board

D. Transit

E. Senior Center

F. Region 5

16. Call for Applicants.

A. Cable TV Advisory Committee

B. Charter Commission

C. Planning Commission

D. Rental Dwelling Board of Appeals:

One “Tenant Representative Position”

One “General Public Representative”

E. Transportation Committee – Two Terms to Expire Dec. 31, 2014

17. Adjourn – To Closed Session to Discuss Employee Contract Negotiations

Cass County Board Of Commissioners

Meets 9 a.m. Tuesday

Commissioners Board Room Courthouse, Walker

1. Call to Order.

A. Pledge of Allegiance.

B. Approval of Agenda for discussion.

2. Robert Yochum – County Administrator.

A. Consent Agenda.

B. Resolution establishing 2013 conduct of meetings – Business Rules.

C. Approve 2013 Commissioners Board Meeting schedule.

D. Award 2013 printing and publishing bids.

3. Tabled second reading of revisions to the Land Use Ordinance No. 2005-01, Environmental Definitions Ordinance No. 2007-04, and Cass County Subdivision and Platting Ordinance No. 2009-02.

4. Josh Stevenson – Land Commissioner.

A. Authorize appraisal service contract - LSOHC acquisition program.

B. Approve resolution for Grant In Aid (GIA) trail applications.

5. Tom Burch – Sheriff, Kelly Felton – Working Together Coalition.

A. Authorize contract with Working Together Coalition on beverage training and compliance inspections.

6. Gail Leverson – Cass County EDC.

A. Ah-Gwah-Ching reuse status report.

7. David Enblom – County Engineer.

A. Approve resolution on bridge priority list.

B. Report back on sale of 3 diesel fuel tanks.

8. Christopher Strandlie – County Attorney.

A. Close meeting pursuant to M.S. 13D.05 to discuss pending litigation – MPCA wetland violation.

9. Confirm upcoming meeting schedule.

A. Lean Training – March 26, 2013, beginning at 9:00 a.m., Deep Portage, Hackensack, MN.


Cass County Board Of Commissioners Consent Agenda — Meets Tuesday

1. Approve Board Minutes of December 18, 2012 and Special Meeting of Jan. 2, 2013.

2. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 13, 2012 in the amount of $488,625.27.

3. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 20, 2012 in the amount of $334,393.95.

4. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 27, 2012 in the amount of $387,519.64.

5. Approve Auditor warrants dated Dec. 31, 2012 in the amount of $1,819.00.

6. Approve HHVS Commissioner warrants dated Dec. 21, 2012 in the amount of $190,890.36.

7. Approve HHVS Auditor warrants dated Dec. 21, 2012 in the amount of $111,590.91.

8. Approve HHVS Commissioner warrants dated Dec. 31, 2012 in the amount of $40,359.38.

9. Approve HHVS Auditor warrants dated Dec. 31, 2012 in the amount of $20,903.22.

10. Approve personnel items.

11. Approve licenses – Tobacco, 3.2 Beer, Liquor, Gambling, etc.

12. Receive & file timber auction results of Dec. 20, 2012 totaling 2,131.45 cords in the amount of $36,627.00.

13. Approve Assessor’s Office Abatements, and Annual abatement summary report.

14. Receive & file Deep Portage Conservation Foundation Audit for the period ending Aug. 31, 2012 and 2011.

15. Accept donations: MN Sheriff’s Association in the amount of $200.00 - Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard; HHVS – St. Agnes Church in the amount of $1,500.; HHVS - Anonymous member of Hope Lutheran Church in the amount of $750.00.

16. Approve payment to Deep Portage Conservation Reserve in the amount of $877.00 for solar panels & tubes, wind turbine & tower annual insurance.

17. Approve the daily meal and incidental expense for FY2013.

18. Receive & file HHVS Cash Account Balance Comparison and Child Service Costs through November 2012.

19. Approve Conservation Easement granted by Rebecca Lyng, Timothy Lyng, Benjamin Lyng, and Daniel Lyng for 5.2 acres and 930 ft. of shoreline on Ten Mile Lake in Section 5 and Section 32 of Hiram Twp., Cass County, Minnesota.

20. Approve HHVS Purchase of Service contracts from Jan. 1, 2013 through Dec. 31, 2013.

21. Authorize 25 percent Fund use of $4,700.00 for environmental education at Deep Portage – WHA Elementary School (70 students, 20 chaperones, 4 staff) on Dec. 19-20, 2012.

22. Approve out of state travel for David Enblom - County Engineer – National Association of County Engineers in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 22-26, 2013.

23. Approve City of Walker appointment of Donna Kurtz – Deputy Registrar No. 125.

24. Approve AMC 2013 Policy Committee appointments.

25. Appoint Commissioner Jim Dowson to BI-COUNTY CAP term ending Dec. 31, 2013.

26. Approve superfund site affidavit for sale of tax forfeited lots in Cass Lake.

27. Receive & file quarterly report of litigated claims.

28. Appoint Ad-Hoc Committee of the Board (Commissioners Dowson, and Peterson) property tax exemptions.

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