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Cass board approves zoning changes

WALKER — Cass County Board gave final approval Tuesday to revisions to the land use, environmental definitions and subdivisions and platting ordinances.

The changes will take effect 30 days from the date the revisions are published in the official county newspaper.

After two years of work by the county planning commission, staff and a citizen committee and several public hearings, the board decided Tuesday not to amend the land use ordinance section on extractive uses (gravel pits).

Fences will be required to have a similar face on both sides.

Changes made to the resort section of the land use ordinance will include requiring resorts to meet the definition of a resort, that being that units are primarily for rental and not re-sold to private parties or occupied by one family for a large portion of the year.

Deleted from the proposed changes will be a paragraph that had required resorts to submit their financial records to verify that they were renting all units regularly.

Because none of the cities in Cass County have 2,500 or more population, the definitions document was amended to term growth areas around cities as “municipal” rather than “urban” growth areas. State regulations define an “urban” city as one having 2,500 or more population.

In other environmental services department business Tuesday, Director John Ringle informed the board his office has accepted management of a new conservation easement property on the west shore of Ten Mile Lake.

Rebecca, Timothy, Benjamin and Daniel Lyng requested the easement for their land in Hiram Township that includes 2.9 acres of wetlands and 2.3 acres of forested land.