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Northland Arboretum-Much Obliged

■ Radiothon to End Child Abuse

The Crow Wing County Child Protection Team would like to thank the Crow Wing County community for its response to the 19th Annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse.

Thanks to the generosity of many, over $63,000 was raised to support local children and their families. We are indebted to Mike Boen and his entire staff at BL Broadcasting for their hard work and dedication towards making the Radiothon such a success. This event would not exist were it not for the commitment and dedication of the BL Broadcasting staff.

Thanks to Karen Schirmer’s third grade class at Riverside Elementary for creating Radiothon radio ads. Thanks to KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s of Crosby, Graba Java for refreshments, CTC for phone lines. Thanks to Westgate Mall for their hospitality and Prairie Bay Grill & Catering for hosting auction volunteers. Special thanks to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for their continued support. A huge thank you to Ann Sherman of Midwest Captions who again volunteered countless hours setting up the Radiothon website at Thanks to the many volunteers who answered phones lines and to all that donated auction items. Thanks to Charlotte Stokes and the Collaborative Service Team who organized the brat sale at the Westgate Mall with the support of Baxter Cub Foods, Viking Coke and VonHanson Meats.

Finally, thank you to all who pledged money or purchased auction items for this important cause to help make the event a success. We consider ourselves privileged to live in a community that values children and families and look forward to working together in the coming year.

K. Ott

Crow Wing County Child Protection Team

■ Baxter Lions Club

The Baxter Lions club are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs the Baxter Lions have donated in 2012, $50,000 to the local community. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service and serving youth throughout the world.

Donations to the following groups have been made in 2012 by the Baxter Lions: Boy Scouts Soap Box Derby, Take a Kid Fishing, Fast Cop, Special Olympics, Youth Baseball, Good Samaritan bus, T.I.P., Legionville school safety, Military Historical Society, Shriners Hospital for Children, Cancer Benefit, Airport Memorial, Scholarships, National Fire Safety, Grad Blast, Safety Coalition, MN Broken Wing, Susan Komen Race for the Cure, Boy Scout Troup 36, Lakes Area Triathlon, Baxter Night to Unite, Mounted Eagles, Central Lakes Search and Rescue, Geritol Frolics, Eyeglasses and Exams for Needy, Medical benefits for needy. Salvation Army, Women’s Center of Mid MN, Toys for Kids, Port Group Homes, Bridges of Hope, Wings of Mercy, Crisis Line, Birthright, Thanksgiving and Christmas for Needy, Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen, Lakeland Public TV, Prevent Child Abuse of MN, Volunteer Council, Forestview Middle School, Achievement Awards, Kinship Partners, 11 Lions Projects, Good Samaritan Society-Project Dignity, Brunch with Santa, Hurricane Sandy L.C.I.F., Gas Card for Needy.

■ Arboretum Haunted Trail

The Northland ArboretumThe Northland Arboretum would like to thank the many volunteers along with the generous business donors for their efforts and commitment to the 9th Annual Haunted Trail including the following:

Aaron Beasley, Aaron Kornech, Abbi Olson, Abby Eggum, Abdul, Afton Hibbard, Alan Hudalla, Alex Karels, Alexa Burich, Allan Dosh, Ally, Alyssa Gregory, Amanda Johnson, Amanda Kaddatz, Andrea Vogt, Andrew Vogt, Ann Thielen, Anna Backberg, Annette Weber, Austin Mau, Austin Toal, B J Holeb, Bailey Dwyer, Beatha Astamanndraputn, Becky Eckelman, Becky Stadem, Ben Hahn, Benjamin Soukup, Brady Hall, Brandi Sullivan, Brittni Davis, Bryan Pike, Caleb Wood, Caroline Welsand, Carri Dockendorf, Charlie Rude, Chelsea Shraemer, Chiramject Sherh, Chircryill Shah, Chrysi Schei, Chyleen Roskop, Cindy Williams, Clark Buckstrom, Clayton Meyers, Cody Anderson, Connor Gunsbury, Cullen, Dan Hegstad, Dan Vogt, Daniel Richter, Daniel Thielen, Daniel, Danielle Carmen, Danielle Farrell, Dannah Slette, Darrel Johnson, David Lockwood, Debbie Doucette, Delany Kennedy, Dena Ruikka, Denise Sjodin, Dennis Vogt, Denny Doucette, Duane Chock, Dustin Hansen, Dustin Mailhot, Dylan Cash, Elizabeth King, Elsa Sasmita, Emily Chock, Emma Chock, Eric Rude, Erica Embertson, Erin Moede, Ethan Fisch, Filip Vukarjin, Franciska Ellestad, Ginger Augustinack, Glen Young, Grace Ulegand, Grady O’Donnell, Grant Reues, Greg Breen, Haley Carmen, Hayden Hagen, Heather Carey, Heidi Kraemer, Jaclyn Rosenberg, Jake Toft, James Thielen, Jared Rubade, Jaren Rubede, Jaret Embertson, Jay McMillion, Jaylynn Ruikka, Jayne Anderson, Jeannie Roskop, Jeff Kidder, Jenna Dwyer, JL Searing, JL Sevuis, Joe Lomax, Joey Slette, Johanna Maithez, Josh Bock, Josh Mailhot, Jouti Roos, Joyce Anderson, Judy Jones, Julia Chock, Julia Dockendorf, Julie Schwarze, Kalie Sjodin, Karen Welch, Karlene Knutson, Katie Burns, Katie Dwyer and Katlyn McMillion.

Your dedication to helping the Arboretum with this fundraiser is genuinely appreciated.

The Northland Arboretum

■ Lost purse returned

I want to thank J.W., a young woman in Brainerd, who returned my purse to me fully intact after I inadvertently left it on the back of my vehicle and drove out of a Brainerd parking lot.

She found my address in my wallet and drove across town to return my purse to me.

I’m so thankful that honest people still exist in this world, especially in Brainerd.

E. Olson

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
I've worked at the Brainerd Dispatch with various duties since Dec. 7, 1983. Starting off as an Ad Designer and currently Director of Audience Development. The Dispatch has been an interesting and challenging place to work. I'm fortunate to have made many friends, both co-workers and customers.
(218) 855-5889