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Photographer's Choice Photos of 2012

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THE VENUS TRANSIT: “Astronomy is awesome, so when I got this assignment I was excited. The image itself is rather simple but photographing it wasn’t. Turns out that my big fancy schmancy Canon camera was too big to put up to the eyepiece of the telescope. So I used my phone. At first I still wasn’t sure if I was going to get the shot because just getting the sun to be in the picture required some tricky angling of the phone. Then when I found the proper angle I had to hold very still and stop breathing just to reduce camera vibration. I love a challenge.”

SKIPPING GIRL: “This little girl was so enthusiastic, skipping and jumping and waving her flag before the ceremony started. I couldn’t resist taking some shots of her. Since the story focus was on the soldiers being honored, this picture had to go inside and in black and white but I still thought this was my best picture of the day.”

PEEKING SQUIRREL: “I’m a sucker for red squirrels. They’re adorable and they’re just so fearless that they’ll let you get awfully close to them. Then they’ll most likely yell out you for being in their territory.”

CARDBOARD BOAT SINKS: “This event cracks me up and this photo makes my smile every time I see it. The boat sank magnificently and deserved to win the Titanic Award.”

BEAR: “There’s just something exciting about photographing bears. The bear looks rather shy peeking out from it’s perch in the tree.”

YACHT RACE: “Not only do I like the composition, color and action of this photo but I got to spend a lovely afternoon out on a boat. Not a bad days work.”

CONEHEAD (AKA GNOME BOY): “I was out hunting for a photo at Lum Park when out of the corner of my eye I see what is clearly a gnome. That was literally my first thought. Gnome. I’m not sure why because it’s not as if I believe there are mythical creatures wandering around the lakes area — although that would be cool and make for some great pictures if there were. Once I actually turned my head, I realized it was this cute little kid wearing an orange cone on his head and not a gnome. But still, fun pictures anyway.”