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Litzau gets out of prison, moves to Pine River

PINE RIVER — Level 3 Predatory Offender Robert Arthur Litzau was released from prison Monday and is moving to rural Pine River.

Litzau, 70, was convicted April 5, 1999, for felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 15-year-old male victim in Crow Wing County. He has served his prison time and plans to reside on 24th Avenue Southwest in rural Pine River.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) and Cass County Sheriff’s Office staff held a community notification meeting Monday for Litzau at the Pine River-Backus Media Center.

Michele Murphy, DOC community notification coordinator, offered a detailed presentation on sexual offenders as well as Litzau’s criminal history in front of around 30 residents who attended the meeting.

Murphy said Litzau had numerous allegations against him that involved criminal sexual conduct with juvenile males that included penetration from the late 1980 to the early ‘90s. However, Litzau was never charged with the allegations. Murphy said Litzau’s first conviction was the 1999 fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct charges in Crow Wing County. Litzau was convicted of fondling a juvenile male, who he knew, and showing the victim pornography and penetration was involved. Litzau received 12 months and one day in prison for the charges.

In 2011, Litzau violated the conditions of his release by not registering as a Level 3 predatory offender in Cass County. This was Litzau’s second offense in failing to register as a Level 3 predatory offender. Litzau was sentenced to serve two years in prison, minus the time he has already spent in custody. The judge also imposed a 10-year conditional release period, which was triggered by the fact that Litzau is a Level 3 predatory offender.

Litzau also has had other criminal charges against him. He was charged with obstructing the legal process with force for an incident that occurred in Pequot Lakes in February of 2011 in which a Pequot Lakes Police officer suffered minor injuries while attempting to arrest Litzau. Litzau was sentenced in Cass County for the felony crimes of violation of predatory offender registration requirements and second-degree burglary of a dwelling for offenses occurring in the Pine River-Backus area between approximately May 5 and May 27, 2010.

Litzau served his prison time for the burglary charges. The burglary charges were not related to the community notification meeting, which was specifically dealt with his Level 3 predatory offender status.

Murphy said Litzau will be under extensive supervision as a predatory offender by DOC agents until 2023. There will be four agents monitoring Litzau. Litzau also will have to register as a Level 3 predatory offender until 2033, when he will be 90-years-old.

It was reported that Litzau would be living by himself in a trailer home. The property Litzau will be residing on also has another home that is occupied by his friend. The home is located about 2 1/2 miles away from the high school. The DOC agents present at the meeting — Mike Amble and Andy Hadrava — said they will work with Litzau and make sure he is not anywhere near children who may be walking to and from school.

Litzau will be on a GPS monitoring system for a minimum of 90 days, allowing agents to make sure he is doing what he should be doing. Litzau cannot go anywhere near any school, church property, or anywhere there are children.

A business owner asked the agents what he should do if Litzau enters his establishment. The agents said that Litzau can be in public at businesses, however as a business owner, they said that if the owner wants him to leave that is his right.

John Nordberg with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said to the residents that having a Level 3 predatory offender live near them is “unsettling news.” However, Nordberg said the level of supervision Litzau will have is “second to none” and the restrictions he will have to follow is strict.

Murphy said that there are currently 26 registered predatory offenders — Level 1, 2 and 3 — in Pine River and 134 offenders in Cass County; 201 offenders in Crow Wing; 119 offenders in Morrison County; and 58 offenders in Wadena.

Currently there are two Level 3 predatory offenders in Cass County: Litzau and Daniel Paul Tomann, who also lives in rural Pine River.

If anyone sees Litzau breaking any of his conditions they may call the DOC offender voice mail at 800-417-3836.

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