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Brainerd woman starts hypnosis business

It started out as an extra side show for her disc jockey service.

But then Karie Svoboda found out she could actually help people with hypnosis.

The Brainerd native signed up for a stage hypnosis class in December. It would add comedy and a little something different while playing music at local weddings.

At the training, however, Svoboda learned that there was hypnosis in weight loss, smoking and pain relief.

“I realized all of the awesome things that you can do for people with hypnotism,” she said.

So she took the courses and started Inner Healing Hypnosis in January.

She has nine certifications in areas like stress management, quitting smoking and weight loss, and she’s working on two more.

Now 34, Svoboda wears many hats. She’s an ordained minister on top of her DJ/wedding service and hypnosis business. She’s also working on a psychology degree.

There’s a need for hypnotism in the Brainerd area, Svoboda said, since many people are driving out of town to get help in losing weight and stopping smoking.

Stress is often overlooked, she said.

“There is stress everywhere,” she said. “People forget sometimes you need to go see someone for that.”

Still, there are skeptics out there, and many misconceptions surrounding hypnosis.

Svoboda is still trying to debunk those ideas, even from friends and family.

Hypnosis is not stealing someone’s mind, she said. It’s not dangerous and it can’t make someone do anything they don’t want.

“It’s a heightened state of awareness,” she said. “I can’t take control of your mind. I’m coaching the subconscious to make the changes you want.”

Most clients come to Svoboda with a mission like losing weight or to quit smoking.

Thirty percent of those people can achieve the goal after one session, she said. Some need to be seen a few more times, while about 10 percent of people just can’t be hypnotized.

“I have no super powers,” she chuckled. “I’m just trained.”

Ultimately, though, hypnosis is up to the person in the healing chair.

“It’s trying to do something with the power of your mind,” she said. “If you believe in something strong enough and get it into your subconscious, you can succeed.”

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