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A vote on marriage


There should be no question whether our

local legislators will vote against the pending legislation that

essentially eliminates any meaningful definition of marriage. Of the 87


counties in Minnesota, 75 voted to preserve the true understanding of

marriage in the constitution. The 12 counties voting against the

amendment were Blue Earth, Cook, Dakota, Hennepin, Nicollet, Olmsted,

Ramsey, Rice, Scott, St. Louis, Washington, and Winona. More than half

of those who voted “no” or who left the question blank were from the

four metropolitan counties of Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington.


has 67 legislative districts. Each district has one senator and two

representatives. Thus we have 67 senators and 134 representatives.


1 through 35 encompass outstate Minnesota. Twenty-six of those 35

senators and 54 of those 70 representatives represent districts that

voted in favor of the

marriage amendment. Those include Sen. Tom Saxhaug (05, DFL), Sen. Paul

Gazelka (09, R), Sen. Carrie Ruud (10, R), Rep. John Persell (05A,

DFL), Rep. John Anzelc (05B, DFL), Rep. Mark Anderson (09A, R), Rep.

Ron Kresha (09B, R), Rep. John Ward (10A, DFL), and Rep. Joe Radinovich

(10B, DFL).

Local senators and representatives – your

constituents have given you a clear directive to vote against SF 925

and HF 1054. You should have no uncertainty. Regardless of your

personal feelings or your political ambitions, you were elected to

represent us and to be our voice in the legislature. Remember that when

you’re getting bullied and beat up by your big-city colleagues in St.


Please contact your senator and your representative –

whether it is by letter, e-mail, tweet, text message, phone call,

and/or personal visit – and remind them that they owe a duty to us,

their constituents, and that they will fulfill that duty by voting

against SF 925 and HF 1054.

Rocky Wells


Sarah Nelson
Sarah Nelson joined the Brainerd Dispatch in April 2010 and works as a online reporter, content editor and staff writer. She is a world traveler, accused idealist and California native now braving the winters of Central Minnesota. She believes in the power of human resolve and hopes to be part of something that makes history by bringing an end to injustice in the world. Sarah has worked as a criminal background researcher, high school civics teacher, grant writer, and contributing writer with Causecast.org — tackling every issue from global poverty to bio-degradable bicycles. Her favorite thing about living in Minnesota is July. Sarah left the Brainerd Dispatch in April 2014.
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