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Can't fish? Try turkey hunting

What in the heck in the world (as Mac once would say)?

Ice-covered lakes in May, what are we going to do? Well, have you ever tried turkey hunting?

I am here at the keyboard feeling like I just fell out of the back of a pick-up doing 40 mph. I am wiped-out, and yes, all because of those crazy wild turkeys. If you don’t already know, turkeys (and turkey hunting) are way up on my list of all time “favorite things.” The gobble is the key! I don’t think any turkey hunter will disagree with the fact that a gobble is one of the greatest sounds on earth!

This morning, we had three tom turkey’s gallivanting around our single henny penny decoy. They were at our left, they were at our right but things were never “just right!” They live on this land and they know it better than anyone or anything. That is why I love the challenge of getting them right in tight.

We were filming again this morning and Kyle (camera man) has been with me on so many of these expeditions that he is now hooked. Ask him if turkey hunting is awesome and he hasn’t even hunted yet himself.

So, the question of the hour is what are we going to do on fishing opener? And how much ice is out there yet? I am sorry to inform you all but I really don’t care. I know, that is selfish but in all honesty I realize that we can’t really change things so why fight it when you can go out and buy an over the counter turkey tag and bag the bird of all birds. Thanks God for making the wild turkey and thank you NWTF and the MN DNR for trapping and transplanting these wonderful birds.

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