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Crow Wing County's Most Wanted - May 2013

The current Most Wanted list in Crow Wing County consists of Nathan Phillip Schn1 / 11
Clarissa Smith2 / 11
Alex Coleman3 / 11
Bryan Schoenecker4 / 11
Brooklyn Zahratka5 / 11
Niki Cote6 / 11
Ike Isackson7 / 11
Katherine Yanez8 / 11
Brett Stimac9 / 11
Lawrence Johnson10 / 11
Nathan Schnaufer11 / 11

If you’ve been following the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted list, you will recognize seven out of the 10 faces for the updated list in May.

As of Friday, there were 1,100 active warrants in the county. And the sheriff’s office would like to find these people.

The current Most Wanted list in Crow Wing County consists of Nathan Phillip Schnaufer, Niki Dee Cote, Brett James Stimac, Lawrence Buttler Johnson, Ike Edward Isackson, Brooklyn Marie Zahratka, Douglas Bert Melby III, Alex Waed Coleman, Bryan Joseph Schoenecker, Katherine Kay Yanez and Clarissa Anne Smith.

The three new faces on May’s Most Wanted list is Cote, Stimac and Yanez.

The sheriff’s office’s Most Wanted list is made up of the most recent violators from the past six months and includes the most serious of violations.

The sheriff’s department’s list of all outstanding warrants are posted on the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Department’s Web site at, and has been since 2004.


Schnaufer: A warrant was issued for Schnaufer, 27, on Nov. 28, 2012, the same date he was charged for third-degree assault for causing substantial bodily harm. Last known address is the 400 block C St., Brainerd. In the complaint filed against Schnaufer, he is accused of assaulting another man around 1:09 a.m. Oct. 15, 2012, outside, near the former Iron Rail bar. The victim, who was lying on the sidewalk upon officers’ arrival, had blood all over his face, multiple lacerations and abrasions to the face and blood was pooled on the ground under his head. Witnesses reported that Schnaufer threw the victim on the ground and punched him six to eight times. Witnesses said the victim was unconscious while being hit four to five times. The whereabouts of Schnaufer are currently unknown.

Cote: A warrant was issued for Cote, 37, on April 26, for gross misdemeanor check forgery. Brainerd police received copies of forged checks on Sept. 3, 2012, from Cub Foods. Investigators learned that Cote stole her mother’s check book. Cote admitted to stealing and forging her mother’s checks at several different businesses. Cote, who was charged Feb. 22, failed to appear in court for her first appearance.

Stimac: A warrant was issued for Stimac, 33, on April 15 for third-degree sexual conduct with a victim with a mental impairment/or helpless. On May 29, 2011, Stimac engaged in sexual penetration with another person where he knew of the victim’s impairment at a party in Baxter. Stimac, who was charged Feb. 20, failed to appear in court for his first appearance.

Johnson: A warrant was issued for Johnson, 43, on Jan. 3 for a probation violation on a fourth-degree sale of controlled substance charge. The last known city is Minneapolis. Johnson was charged May 15, 2007, when a (LADID) informant purchased crack cocaine from Johnson on March 5 and 15 on the 600 block of James Street. Johnson was sentenced to 18 months in jail, with seven of those years stayed. The warrant for Johnson was issued because he failed to be law abiding, failed to obtain permission from his probation agent to leave the state and he failed to report to his agent as directed.

Isackson: A warrant was issued for Isackson, 31, on Oct. 25, 2012, for third-degree criminal sexual conduct. The last known city is Pequot Lakes. Isackson was charged Feb. 10, 2010 to third-degree criminal sexual conduct with minors in Brainerd.

Zahratka: A warrant for Zahratka, 20, was issued on Feb. 20 for fifth-degree drug possession, when she failed to appear for court. The last known city was Staples. Zahratka was charged Jan. 16, following a traffic stop on Sept. 20, 2012, where Zahratka was stopped on Crow Wing County Road 12 and Forest Drive in Deerwood. When a search of her vehicle was done, investigators found a glass pipe, commonly used for smoking methamphetamine, numerous empty plastic bags and one small bag containing a white powdery substance that tested to be meth.

Coleman: A warrant was issued for Coleman, 21, on Nov. 27, 2012, for fleeing on a motor vehicle. The last known city is Baxter. Coleman was charged Oct. 11, 2012, after a Sept. 18, 2012, incident where he allegedly stole a minivan from Cass County and led police on a pursuit on Highway 210 and Crow Wing County Road 12, heading to Ironton. A warrant was issued because Coleman failed to appear in court.

Schoenecker: A warrant was issued for Schoenecker, 41, on Oct. 19, 2012, for first-degree driving while intoxicated (DWI). The last known city is Hillman. Schoenecker was charged Oct. 19, 2012, for first-degree DWI. Schoenecker was involved in a Sept. 22, 2012, one-vehicle rollover crash on Crow Wing County Road 8 and Poster Lane. Schoenecker, who has five prior DWI convictions, was treated for his injuries in an Onamia hospital. A warrant is out for Schoenecker as he never was found to be arrested.

Yanez: A warrant for Yanez, 28, was issued on April 11. Yanez was charged Dec. 24, 2012, for fifth-degree drug possession, pharmacy-permanent labels required on prescribed drugs, theft and drug possession of a small amount of marijuana. Yanez was picked up by a Baxter officer Dec. 23, 2012, after not paying her bill at the Olive Garden in Baxter. When she went to find more money, the officer noticed a prescription bottle containing pills that did not have a prescription label on it. The officer also saw two small baggies of a green leafy substance, which he recognized as marijuana and a cigarette pack which contained a white package tied in a knot, that field tested for crack cocaine. Yanez failed to appear for omnibus hearing.

Smith: A warrant was issued for Smith, 25, on July 11, 2012, for second-degree burglary. The last known city is Onamia. Smith was charged May 1, 2009, for her involvement in burglaries at a residence in Garrison on Jan. 25, 2009. Items taken were guns, various computer items, foreign currency and other electronics. She was sentenced Feb. 16, 2010 to 18 months in jail with 10 years of that sentence is stayed. A warrant was issued because Smith failed to cooperate with her probation agent.

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