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Cass County Board: Cass auction set for Sept. 7

PINE RIVER — Cass County will hold its annual surplus equipment and vehicle auction at 10 a.m. Sept. 7 at the county highway garage in Walker.

Kevin Lee, North Memorial Ambulance Service, reported to the county board Tuesday the Longville Ambulance District will be able to meet expected expenses without any increase in district taxpayer contributions in 2014.

He said the Longville service, which has a separate taxing district for ambulance services, transported the same number of patients in the second quarter of 2013 as 2012 at 111.

Because the service did not have any employees on medical leave this year like it did last year, the service’s net margin for the second quarter increased from 11.1 percent in 2012 to 16.7 percent this year.

North Memorial operates services at Pine River and Walker in addition to Longville.

Lee informed the board all its ambulances are dispatched from a central office in Robbinsdale. This year, the service installed automatic vehicle location GPS devices in all its ambulances.

This enables their dispatching center to know which of its vehicles is closest to a call, so they can provide faster response times, Lee said, explaining that ambulances based at Walker, Pine River or Longville therefore may respond outside their district depending on which vehicle is closest.

Sheriff Tom Burch obtained board approval to accept an $18,278 per year Minnesota DNR grant for 2013 to 2015 for off highway vehicle enforcement.

Medical Examiner Michael McGee reported there were 35 deaths in Cass County the first half of this year. Of those, 27 people died of natural causes, six from accidents and two from suicide.

Private physicians signed death certificates for 18 decedents. Of the 17 cases McGee accepted for autopsies, he did a complete autopsy and toxicology report on 14 and signed certificates without examining three.

The sheriff’s department reported 35 men participated in sentence to serve the second quarter this year, working off $4,658 worth of fines and completing an estimated $22,700 worth of work.

They worked 3,512 hours for the DNR, county, cities, towns and nonprofit agencies.

Island Lake Association donated $50 to the sheriff’s boat and water safety program. Hope Lutheran Church donated food boxes to Health, Human and Veterans Services, to be distributed by county eligibility workers, public health nurses and social workers to families in need.

Cass County Economic Development Director Gail Leverson reported to the county board she worked with 26 businesses in July. Seven companies are interested in expanding. Two new companies are looking for site selection assistance, she said.

She reported she helped Eveland’s Inc. obtain $750,000 financing to expand and add 10 jobs for their Scamp Trailer manufacturing plant at Backus and helped Young Auto Parts obtain $350,000 financing to provide six jobs in Walker.