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Firefighters fight cold and fire in house fire in Garrison

Garrison and Brainerd firefighters fought below zero temperatures with wind chills at 40 below zero Monday morning at a small structure fire on Round Lake Road in Garrison.

Garrison Fire Chief Greg Erickson said flames were through the roof and the fire was “pretty large” by the time firefighters arrived at the scene.

A resident who lived across the lake from the burning structure reported the fire at 6:39 a.m.

Erickson said no one was in the one-story home, which was a weekend cabin, at the time of the fire. The heat was on in the home prior to the fire.

Erickson said the cause of the fire is unknown and being investigated.

The home was a complete loss.

About 20 firefighters between the two departments fought the fire in the extreme frigid temperatures.

Erickson said it was a hard fire to fight because of the temperatures but everything went smoothly and firefighters were able to do their job. Truck valves did freeze shut, but firefighters were able to get them to run, he added.

Firefighters cleared the scene at 9:13 a.m.

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