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Minnesota adjutant general visits Camp RIpley

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CAMP RIPLEY — Maj. Gen. Richard Nash, the adjutant general for the State of Minnesota, attended the Recruiting and Retention Battalion’s annual meeting held at the Hanger Conference Center on Jan. 8.

“The Recruiting and Retention Command is an amazing element for the State of Minnesota,” Nash said. “They consistently help young people achieve the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

The Minnesota National Guard has had a long standing tradition of its members being willing, eager and ready to do their part for state and country. From our first military formation, the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, who stood their ground against overwhelming odds on the fields of Gettysburg, Minnesotans have a proud tradition of service.

“We really are the face of the Minnesota National Guard at the schools, businesses and the communities,” said Maj. Ryan Kelly, deputy commander for the Recruiting and Retention Battalion.

“Minnesota’s recruiting has been recognized as number one in the nation for completion of their mission and the success of the overall goal,” said Nash. “We do this for the love of our families, our state and our country.”

Each recruiter has a mission to educate and inform various audiences on how the Minnesota National Guard works. Soldiers balance their civilian lives with their military lives all while staying trained for current or future missions.

“We will continue to provide the right mix of people and equipment to leverage our capabilities, while balancing the ideal composition for current and anticipated missions,” added Nash.

The recruiting command was praised by the new unit commander, Lt. Col. Michael Pazdernik, for the contributions everyone made to the success of the entire organization. New recruits and reenlistments of current service members increases Minnesota’s readiness for any mission.

“We will continue to maintain our two Air National Guard Air Wings, two Army Aviation Support Facilities, Camp Ripley Training Center, the 34th Infantry Division Headquarters and six major commands by providing optimal force structure,” concluded Nash.