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Soldier Readiness Process allows balanced force composition

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CAMP RIPLEY — Soldiers of the 1st Squadron–94th Cavalry, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team underwent the “Soldier Readiness Process” during January’s Drill weekend at Camp Ripley from Jan. 24-26.

“The purpose of the SRP is to identify administrative and readiness issues to ensure soldier’s records are correct, making them available for future possible missions,” said Staff Sgt. Andrew Lemieux, training NCO for Bravo Troop, 1st Squadron–94th Cavalry.

For most of the Armed Forces, readiness metrics are used to gauge the overall availability of soldiers and units for missions. The more available units, the more funding they will receive for schools and training. These readiness metrics are created following the SRP process and are essential to determining the readiness of the Minnesota National Guard.

“Continually assessing and evaluating the right mix of people and equipment to leverage our capabilities is an important quality assurance test,” said Maj. John Donovan, public affairs spokesman for Camp Ripley.

“Even though SRPs are time consuming, the push for readiness and availability is ultimately what allows us to do the great training that we do as individuals and units,” added Lemieux.

During the SRP soldiers are checked to ensure they are medically and dentally deployable by identifying and addressing issues that may possibly affect them in the future. Additional administrative checks in pay, wills and family care plans are done as well.

More than 400 Soldiers from the 1st Squadron–94th Cavalry were processed in the two days at Camp Ripley. The contract dental team treated over 30 dental issues on-site, leaving less than 10 soldiers needing further dental treatment.

“We like to say that we have the best trained soldiers in the world but if they’re not administratively deployable then they’re not getting on the plane,” said 1st Lt. Dustin Rockow, battle captain for Headquarter and Headquarters Troop, the 1st Squadron–94th Cavalry.