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Baxter City Council: City reports Imgrund Motors is delinquent on taxes

BAXTER — A majority vote of Baxter City Council members placed a question of revoking Imgrund Motors conditional use permit in response to delinquent taxes on the agenda of next week’s planning commission.

The city reported multiple notices were sent to the business without effect. The motor vehicle excise tax, a cap of $20 paid as part of the local option sales tax, is collected from customers and is supposed to flow through to the taxing authority. Baxter reported Imgrund did not pay excise taxes due in December or January and in 2013 was late in paying six of 12 months.

No one from Imgrund attended the meeting. Imgrund Motors was listed on the agenda as part of the city attorney’s report.

Next steps for the city include looking into a misdemeanor prosecutor or sending a notice to determine if the conditional use permit (CUP) should be revoked. The council voted 4-1 to give the appropriate notice for a hearing the CUP given the delinquency of taxes to give the owners an opportunity to be heard. The issue of setting a hearing is expected before the planning commission, which meets at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

The city noted the tax is being collected on behalf of the city and is not money being owed to Imgrund Motors. A condition of the CUP was for the business to file and report sales tax.

Mayor Darrel Olson said it’s also an issue of fairness as other businesses are following through. This isn’t taking money from a business owner, Olson said, this is money already being taken from people who are paying the sales tax.

Council member Mark Cross moved planning and zoning look at the CUP for possible action. And he said it would be a good time to make sure all provisions of the CUP are being met.

Council member Todd Holman recommended legal counsel be present at the planning commission session.

Council member Rob Moser, who voted against the motion, asked if the city assessed a penalty for the lack of payment.

Finance Director Jeremy Vacinek said a penalty is available to the city and may be assessed monthly.

“I just hate to see it come to this,” Moser said. “I understand what we are talking about here but it’s too bad it is this far at this point.”

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