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Record 154 water lines freeze so far

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A record 154 water service lines have frozen in Brainerd so far this year.

That’s compared to zero frozen water service lines last year, said Brainerd Public Utilities (BPU) Superintendent Scott Magnuson.

Because of “unprecedented water line freeze ups” in the extreme cold, BPU recently declared a water main emergency.

The frost normally hits depths of 5 feet. This winter it has been in excess of 7 feet deep.

But no need to worry about running out of water, Magnuson said.

“We’ve got plenty,” he said.

During the water main emergency, residential customers are asked to run cold water at least a pencil-width size continuously from one sink until April 15 or until notified by BPU. This is especially important for customers who do not use a lot of water or live on dead-end streets, BPU stated.

Not everyone is willing to run their water, Magnuson said. Ultimately, if one house on a block doesn’t run the water, the lines shouldn’t freeze, he said.

But it’s also your only option in trying to prevent a water line freeze, he said.

Water and sewer bill adjustments will be made during this time, using customers’ average water use for the months of November through January.

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